Out of 5 crore calls, 3 crore are unnecessary

Out of 5 crore calls, 3 crore are unnecessary
Out of 5 crore calls, 3 crore are unnecessary

Tanveer season:

People’s trust and confidence in Triple Nine, the government emergency service that started on December 12, 2017, is increasing. At the same time, its scope is also increasing. However, there is still no clear idea about emergency services in the public mind. Around 5 crore calls have been received since inception, out of which around 3 crore are unnecessary calls. Which is 57.86 percent of the total call.

However, new challenges are increasing with time in this essential service. There are many calls that cannot be resolved. Therefore, the stakeholders have said to take multifaceted initiatives to increase awareness and expand services about Triple Nine.

In this regard, National Emergency Service 999 Media and Public Relations Officer and Police Inspector Anwar Sattar said, “We get calls about new issues. We are also given a call if any kind of new problem arises. When we are called on urgent matters regarding these latest issues, we try to be by our side with various information services apart from providing our three services i.e. police, fire service, ambulance service.

It is known that the number of service users is increasing day by day and the caliber of 999 is being considered. A modern service center will be constructed to expand the service. Manpower will also be increased along with the work stations to solve the problems of the citizens.

At present, about 500 people are working in three shifts in Triple Nine. 25 to 30 thousand calls are received for emergency services every day.

National Emergency Service 999 chief and additional DIG Mohammad Tabarak Ullah said the government has planned to increase the number to 500 work stations. The government has acquired 7 bigha of land for its expansion. DPPO is also ready to set up an Emergency Service Centre. A new service center may be provided at Amuliya Mauza in Demra.


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