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Glenn Maxwell-Shakib Al Hasan | Opinion piece: Faith units Shaqib Al Hasan and Glen Maxwell in CWC dgtl

Glenn Maxwell-Shakib Al Hasan | Opinion piece: Faith units Shaqib Al Hasan and Glen Maxwell in CWC dgtl
Glenn Maxwell-Shakib Al Hasan | Opinion piece: Faith units Shaqib Al Hasan and Glen Maxwell in CWC dgtl

I don’t remember the year. Many, many years ago. Catching an early morning flight on an assignment. After the plane landed at Hazrat Shah Jalal Airport, passengers streamed out through the front door. Flight attendants are recovering from the familiar heh-heh etc. On the way out, a figure in a tracksuit was seen curled up in the aisle seat of the first row, almost curled up and asleep. No one is calling and saying, get up! This time you have to get off.

Curiosity is. I was surprised to see – Shakib Al Hasan. Sleeping like a baby. Shakib then played for Kolkata Knight Riders. I remembered that there was a match in Eden the night before. After that the post-match party at the hotel (even then in IPL it all went crazy till the wee hours of the morning). Extremely tired. And must have reached the airport in that condition. Flight distance from Kolkata to Dhaka is 40-45 minutes by Mereket. It seemed that he did not want to waste that time either. Got up and satan fell asleep. That sleep is so deep that no one dares to call the Bangladeshi cricket star!

There was no time to know when his deep sleep was broken, when he left the plane and left for his house in Dhaka with his luggage. But the clash between Shakib and Angelo Mathews in the World Cup match against Sri Lanka due to an unprecedented dismissal in the last 146 years of cricket and the spark that came out in that knock, I remembered the look of sleeping in the aisle seat of the plane many years ago.

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I was trying to find the similarity of this Shakib with that Shakib. His decision to ‘time out’ Mathews caused a stir all over the world. When Shakib was appealing, the umpires also asked him curious questions, “Are you serious?” Are you really making this appeal?

Adamant Shakib said yes he is doing. What the whole world saw – Mathews got out for zero runs without playing a single delivery. Out of the field angry, stunned, helpless and fuming, the Sri Lankan senior cricketer threw the helmet towards the dug out. With the furious impact of the fall, it almost crossed the boundary line and entered the field with a couple of knocks and a thump!

Bangladesh won the match. Shakib scored 80 runs alone. He had a catch. But in the end he gave the wicket to that Mathews. The bat was gone a little earlier. Dudgposha took a catch at short mid-wicket. Did not read this time. Mathews glared at Shakib as he walked out, tapping his right index finger on his left wrist as he looked at him. The coin in his hand was saying – Your time is up. Time out!

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But what will happen in the rise! By that time, Bangladesh’s match victory was confirmed. With him, Shakib’s country has moved a little further towards the door of the Champions Trophy. That is why after the match he would say, “I am thirty six now. I have been playing cricket for many days. I am a warrior on the field. I fought according to the rules on the battlefield. We have to go to the Champions Trophy.”

By then, however, the whole of Sri Lanka (and some social media pundits with it) started bashing Shakib. Bangladesh is a bit on the backfoot. Some shame-shame statements are also coming from a section of supporters. It seemed to me, what did Shakib do wrong? What he did was within the laws of cricket. Did not do anything illegal!

Bangladesh-Sri Lanka cricket ground has been busy for a long time. Who knows where it started! But like the India-Pakistan match, the cricketers and fans of both countries are very hot in this match. The whole country is already talking about Tamim Iqbal’s exclusion from the World Cup team before the tournament. After that one loss after another. At the bottom of your form. In this situation, standing under the law of cricket, if Shakib has applied for a timely out, well done! Can the ‘spirit of cricket’, ‘cricket a gentleman’s game’ etc. be used to cover up one’s ignorance of the law? This is war! Mari Ori Pari that technique. How many of those who are taking a dig at Shakib’s so-called ‘uncricket’ use, have made sacrifices or would have done so if they were in the Bangladesh captain’s situation? Not only in cricket, but also in life.

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Once in a radio interview, Shah Rukh Khan said exceptionally – “Earn good money first.” After that, be philosophical.” Means to organize the financial resources and then make a dispassionate and intellectual statement like ‘I don’t work for money’. Those purists who didn’t ‘time out’ despite fouling their opponents, were clearly at an advantage in match situations (or tournaments). So he was able to show that big man. Shakib’s family is poor now. He needs the little ones too. Otherwise, you will die without eating.

As a result, what he did, he did well! He created his own anecdote. He did it from his own acquired faith.


Star Sports recently ran a deep 40 second ad with the three letter word and the word’s biggest brand ambassador. Virat Kohli says, “It is said that the world lives on hope. Maybe that’s wrong. Because, there is something, which is not seen anywhere around. Not available to buy in the market. It runs in veins and arteries. make a storm Sparks in the soul and emotions. Which can even risk the sky. Can conquer the world. Trust! The world runs on faith.


Glenn Maxwell played that superhuman innings with the belief that he had severe cramps all over his body. Many pundits are comparing Kapil Dev’s innings of 175 against Zimbabwe at Turnbridge Wells. Frankly, I don’t seem to be doing it right. It is true that when Kapil got off, India were 17-5. When Maxwell got off, Australia were 91-7. more runs Fewer wickets. Kapil’s match was of 60 overs. Second, Kapil was playing Billet. British Summer. Full sleeve pullover. Ideal weather for cricket. Maxwell’s capital was 10 overs short. He is playing in hot Indian weather. Where the extreme test of the professional takes the sweltering heat, infinite humidity and the ever-changing water level in the body. Because of which terrible convulsions began throughout Maxwell’s body. Waist, hamstrings, legs — everywhere!

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After taking a single, the Australian batsman went to the non-striker’s end and started crying. The whole body is constantly writhing in pain. Two umpires ran and knelt down beside the trembling cricketer. Physio came running. In front of them, Maxwell’s body felt a jolt from that lying position. I understand from the waist or an electric wave played down the spine! It seemed to see, is another tragedy happening on the cricket field?

Just when it looked like he was going to be stretchered off, physio in manpack probably ordering an ambulance, the next batter Adam Zampa came in and stood outside the ropes, up stood Maxwell. standing on one leg (once took singles and the commentator said, ”He’s walking like Charlie Chaplin.”) But there’s no swagger anywhere in that narrative. No irreverence. No mockery. Maxwell really looked like Charlie, rubbing his feet. (walking) as he bowls out one Afghan bowler after another (including a switch hit!), the black-wristbanded Abdal bursts with emotion, his sinewy arms (“He’s got the whole Australian team on his shoulders,” said the ecstatic commentator after winning the match. Should be taken to the dressing room”), then remembered the World Cup stage four years ago and the narrative of one Glenn Maxwell.

Maxwell had to go to the hospital after being injured by a bouncer in the net during the 2019 World Cup. He was in such a state of mind then that he was praying that the injury would be serious enough. So as not to play in the World Cup. Because, within that World Cup, he started to enter the hole of mental depression. Maxwell suddenly collapsed in front of his then girlfriend (now wife) in a hotel room. Because, he has been kept in the final team for the semi-final against England. But mentally he wants to escape from that ‘big match’.

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After returning from the hospital, Maxwell swallowed a bunch of painkillers, took him to the nets and was beaten by Justin Langer and Ricky Ponting. So that the filth of the mind is cleared by the injury of physical labor. No gain. Maxwell desperately wanted the tournament to end quickly. Australia lost to England in the semi-final. Five months later, Maxwell announced that he was suffering from depression. Wants leave from cricket. Hold up the bat. Go to a sports psychologist.

Four years later, on the stage of the World Cup, he scored the fastest century in the World Cup from 40 balls (Manchi was with the Netherlands. But the moneymakers said, a century is a century. Even if it was in street cricket) one Glenn Maxwell. After that, the forest-related incident with Afghanistan! Maybe, the Afghan bowlers got a bit too cocky and bowled him on the leg. He could not have reached the ball with that body if he had delivered on the seventh stump. Maybe, he has two catches. Maybe, he’s back at the crease courtesy of DRS as he gets out leg before. But the number 9 tail ender on the neck did not kill the ghost!

Sachin Tendulkar wrote about Maxwell’s 201 unbeaten innings, “Cricket has a lot in common with life.” Many times in life what holds you back, pushes you forward again. like spring Maxwell’s cramps stopped his leg movement. He had to stand at the crease. But as a result, his head remained steady. He was watching the ball very closely. Accordingly hand and eye coordination was also getting great. With that incredible bat speed! Different types of footwork are required at different stages of a match. Sometimes no footwork turns out to be great footwork.”

But that is the technical word of cricket. Autopsy reports through the lens of God’s observation. The trifling like us will see the word of those three letters – faith.

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Believing in himself, Maxwell did not leave the field despite being told three times by stand-in captain Pat Cummins (who was largely overlooked in the Maxwell saga) at the non-striking end. With singles, Cummins is overturned and covered. Ghazal was stuck in the crease by foot, in such a situation he used the bat almost like a toothpick and played an innings of 201 runs. The narrative of despair four years ago has turned into a timeless legend.


From that three-letter word, a biva comes out. His existence is not realized unless he falls on Mahakirti. like light He has to be nurtured within himself. So that it runs in veins and arteries. make a storm Sparkles with soul and emotion. Can bow the sky. Can conquer the world.

right Not hope, the world runs on faith.

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