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‘My mother treats my wife very badly’

‘My mother treats my wife very badly’
‘My mother treats my wife very badly’

Question: I had a relationship of twelve years. Before marriage, the lover bends down. End the relationship for various reasons. The parents used to talk about why I had a relationship with the boy. I completed my studies two years ago, still haven’t got any job. Mother treats them very badly. 29 years old. Can’t get out of previous relationship mentally, can’t get a job. I am getting old, who will marry me – family members taunt about it. Social pressure is there. All in all, I am having a very difficult time. Sometimes thoughts of suicide come.

Answer: We don’t know what our future holds, or, whether it is necessary for you to get married, or whether you will get married or not. Life is diverse because I don’t know. It will be what is naturally destined for us. No other animal in nature has to think about marriage. Humans are no exception. He will be married where he is supposed to be married. It will happen whether he wants it or not. But only by practicing acceptance of whatever the future holds will you find peace. However, you can adopt the following methods to reduce your current restlessness or depression-

1. Love Yourself: Practice loving yourself unconditionally and accepting yourself with all the so-called good and bad qualities. Then you will find peace in your mind and the wounds in your mind will begin to heal. Accept all the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Stop fighting the negative traits of your character and think of them as an integral part of you. Don’t criticize it, try to change it, or hold yourself accountable or responsible for it.

2. Control stress: Do meditation, meditation, pranayama. Practice or listen to music.

3. Do Breathing Exercises: Control the breath. By controlling your breathing you can control your reaction. Take deep breaths as you count 1-2-3-4. Then count 1-2-3-4 in your mind and hold your breath. Finally, count 1-2-3-4-5-6 in your mind and slowly exhale through your nose by pulling your stomach in. Do this several times in a row whenever you feel like it.

4. Walk barefoot on the ground or grass for 10-15 minutes every day.

5. Do regular exercise or physical activity.

6. Eat healthy food cooked at home in mustard oil or olive oil.

7. Ensure adequate sleep.

8. Spend more time with plants, nature, people and other animals.

Question: I have been married for a year. My mother treats my wife very badly. When the two of us go somewhere, Mom insists on going. If I say we both want some privacy, he acts as if my wife has taken his son away from him. I tried a lot to fix it. I gave my mother time, took her separately for a walk. I explained to him. But somehow he doesn’t want to understand. I don’t have a father, so it is not possible to get a separate house leaving my mother alone. It is not possible financially. what to do

Answer: Every person’s perspective is different. Your mother and your wife do not have a good relationship because they cannot accept this normal difference of views and therefore neither of them have a normal relationship with you. You need to be more patient in this situation. You explain to your wife that your mother is an old person and old people are like children. So, instead of getting angry at his bad behavior, we should look at those behaviors with a forgiving eye and feel compassion for him. As we feel towards children. Emphasize the everlasting relationship of your marriage. Emphasize lasting love and trust in the relationship. Remember that spiritual relationship between you can only be established by loving each other unconditionally; Regardless of mutual differences. Have an open discussion with your wife. Try to get to know and understand deeply about each other’s thoughts. Share your thoughts and ideas. Instead of thinking about different things, focus your thoughts on the positive aspects of your relationship. If you are still unable to resolve the issue on your own, seek the help of a couples therapist, counselor, or mental health professional.

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