You do not know the account of ready-made clothing industry and trade?


You do not know the account of ready-made clothing industry and trade?


Imtiaz Mahmood

Imtiaz Mahmood: Both Anjuara and her husband Jamal worked in a garment factory. They could not afford to keep their two children with them even if they combined their salaries. Arif and Jaya, Anjuara’s two children, live with their grandfather in the village and go to school from there. Who understands better than Arif and Jaya’s mother Anjuara that life will not go on with the newly announced minimum wage. Anjuara went to the movement demanding increase in minimum wage. He died in police firing. Among my favorite novels there is a juvenile novel – Mathapar’s story. A short novel written by Ekhlasuddin Ahmed, shaped like a short story, but it is a novel. I don’t know who you read this, I read it, read it over and over again. Will read it again this weekend. Apart from the main protagonist who is a child, there is a teenage character in this novel, Monglu. Manglu’s mother went to march for rice and never came back.

Arif’s mother gave her life by marching for one such rice. Arif’s mother will not return. Prothom Alo headlined the news as ‘Two children came to visit their mother, returned with her body’. If I had the title, Arif and Jaya’s mother went to the procession for rice, their mother will not return. Do you know, you also have some responsibility for the murder of Arif and Jaya’s mother! If you don’t know, know, you children of gentlemen, Anjuara’s blood stain is on your hands too.

You know how to read and write, you know how to calculate. How much do you know about the world? Knows how to write in Bengali, English, French, some have seen and also know how to write poetry in Urdu. Do you write speeches about politics on Facebook? Cricket is needless to say. You do not know the account of ready-made clothing industry and trade? You do not know how much money the clothing industry contributes to the national economy? So you find it so difficult to give a small share to the workers? Even if the minimum salary of garment workers is 25 thousand rupees in today’s market, the profit of the owner will not decrease even by one and a half or two annas. It dries up your liver to give it. Shit. I don’t even want to talk to these gentlemen’s idiots. It eats the surplus of money earned in the sweat of the laborer’s blood, and opposes the just demands of the laborer. They are educated again! Author: Lawyer. Published on Facebook 9-11-23.

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