17 more deaths due to dengue

17 more deaths due to dengue
17 more deaths due to dengue

17 more people have died in the last 24 hours due to dengue fever. With this, the total number of deaths due to dengue this year stood at 1,449.

On this day, 1 thousand 734 people were admitted to the hospital with dengue. On Wednesday, the Department of Health reported the identification of 1,912 patients.

In the dengue report on Thursday, the health department said that 271 residents of Dhaka and 1,463 people from outside Dhaka were admitted to the hospital with dengue on that day. Among the dead, 4 are from Dhaka, 13 are from outside Dhaka.

From January 1st to November 9th of this year, 287,239 people were infected with dengue. Among them 1 lakh 2 thousand 591 residents of Dhaka. One lakh 84 thousand 648 people were admitted to hospitals outside Dhaka.

At present the number of admitted patients in Dhaka is 1 thousand 649 and 4 thousand 711 outside Dhaka.

At the same time, 279,430 people were discharged from the hospital. Among them, 1 lakh 88 people are residents of Dhaka and 1 lakh 79 thousand 342 people outside Dhaka.

Dengue discharge rate from hospital is 97 percent. Currently 6 thousand 360 people are admitted to the hospital. The admission rate is two percent and the death rate is zero and five percent.

In 2022, 281 people died of dengue in the country. 27 people died of dengue in the last month of that year, December. At the same time, 62 thousand 382 people were admitted to the hospital due to dengue that year.

During the corona epidemic in 2020, dengue infection was not seen much, but in 2021, 28 thousand 429 people were infected with this disease carried by Aedes mosquitoes throughout the country. In the same year, 105 people died due to dengue throughout the country.

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