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Burdwan Medical College and Hospital Authorities worried about dead body smuggling racket working in Bardhaman Medical College

Burdwan Medical College and Hospital Authorities worried about dead body smuggling racket working in Bardhaman Medical College
Burdwan Medical College and Hospital Authorities worried about dead body smuggling racket working in Bardhaman Medical College

It is still a bit late for the college activities to start. The area around the square was still empty. There are only two security guards. Taking advantage of this situation, there was an allegation of trying to escape with three dead bodies from the anatomy department of Burdwan Medical College on Wednesday. Attempts to put the bodies in hearses were thwarted by security guards. Police have arrested six people from Burdwan Medical College on suspicion of smuggling bodies from the anatomy department. However, the police claim that it is still not clear for what purpose they were trying to escape with the bodies. Investigators are also looking into whether there is a body trafficking ring behind it.

Kaustubh Naik, principal of Burdwan Medical College, said, “I received information that dead bodies were being stolen. However, it was stopped by the security guards. The matter has been reported to the police. The police are investigating the purpose of stealing the body from the anatomy department. District Superintendent of Police Amandeep said, “Six people are being detained and interrogated.” .

According to police sources, the unidentified bodies recovered from the area were sent to the medical college. According to the anatomy department, at the end of the week those bodies are handed over to the municipality for cremation. It is alleged that unidentified bodies were trying to be smuggled in hearses on this day. According to medical college sources, the authorities came to know that there was a disturbance in the number of bodies kept there for the past few days. That is why they suspected that the body was being removed from the anatomy department. That’s why the security guards were alerted.

It is known that a hearse arrived in front of the medical college at around 8 am on this day. Three bodies were picked up in that car from in front of the anatomy department. The guards closed the main doors of the medical college when the question arose as to why the dead bodies were being taken from that department in hearses so early in the morning. The hospital police camp was informed. Police arrived and found ‘drawers’ inside the hearse. Allegedly, two bodies were hidden there. Another body was on top of a glass-encased car. The police sent the bodies back to the anatomy department.

The police claimed that after interrogating the detainees, they learned that a class of anatomy department staff was ‘quoted’ by an outsider to give the body. Similarly, the workers smuggled bodies from the medical college earlier. The driver of the hearse again claimed that the bodies were asked to be taken to a private medical college in Uttarakhand. District police sources claimed that a search has been started for the person who had cited the body supply. Investigators believe that only if he can be caught, the detailed information about the body trafficking cycle will be available.

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