Sabina Yeasmin | Row over Bengal Minister Sabina Yeasmin’s comment on ED and CBI raid in TMC leader’s houses dgtld


ED-CBI is raiding houses of party leaders and ministers one by one. Some are being summoned in various corruption cases. State Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallik (Balu) was recently arrested in the ration ‘corruption’ case. In this context, another minister of the state Sabina Yasmin’s comments have started uproar. Minister of State for Irrigation Sabina says that there are some ‘kulangars’ in every team. It is also at the grassroots level. Others are not responsible for that. Sabina’s video is already viral on social media. Exactly who is this comment made by the minister?

Recently, Sabina held a street meeting in Alinagar village panchayat area of ​​Kaliachak police station, Malda, demanding ‘due’ money for 100 days of work. He protested ‘central deprivation’ from the stage. Meanwhile, in the minister’s speech, the subject of ED-CBI investigation and arrest of leaders and ministers came up in various cases. Although Sarmin did not name anyone. In the minister’s words, “If Kulanga’s son comes out of my house, the police will arrest him. A Kulanga’s son goes out despite being disciplined by his parents. What will the parents do about it?” Sabina added, “Just like that, there are some Kulanga children in our party. But he who sins shall atone. Did the team ask someone to take the money? The party is not responsible for that. The Chief Minister of the state is not responsible for that.”

Jyotipriyo is in ED custody in the ration ‘corruption’ case. From former minister Partha Chatterjee to Birbhum Trinamool district president Anubrata Mondal, several leaders of the ruling party have been arrested in various cases. Some are under the watchful eye of investigators. Did Sabina target any of them? The minister claimed that he did not say anything to anyone in particular. It is all subject to investigation. But, many withdraw money in the name of the minister. ‘Cautioned’ them. Sabina explains, “Our leaders are being harassed by the ED-CBI. But we have already informed that the party will not stand by him if any of these allegations are proved to be true.

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