Biswas Babu of Brahmanbaria-2 Constituency passed away

Biswas Babu of Brahmanbaria-2 Constituency passed away
Biswas Babu of Brahmanbaria-2 Constituency passed away

In the recently held Brahmanbaria-2 (Sarail-Ashuganj) seat by-election, the main rival independent candidate former member of parliament Ziaul Haque Mridha said that Biswas Babu died in the Brahmanbaria-2 seat by-election.

He made this comment while interacting with reporters on Tuesday (November 8).

The Election Commission has postponed the announcement of the results of the by-election of Brahmanbaria-2 (Sarail-Ashuganj) constituency after various irregularities were reported. Election Commission Secretary Jahangir Alam announced this on Tuesday (November 7) afternoon.

Ziaul Haque Mridha also told reporters that the Election Commission has completely failed to keep their word. I am a simple person, I trust people. But in this case I saw that Biswas Babu died. So there were inconsistent results, inconsistent voter lists. According to the code of conduct, no one can travel on a motorcycle on election day. However, I was silent during everything, including the motorcycle exercise of BCL-Youth League leaders and activists. For this I had faith in the leadership of the Prime Minister, which is still there. So I didn’t want anything big.

He also said that getting justice depends on goodwill. If the Election Commission thinks it will brighten their and Sheikh Hasina’s image, then instead of going from one side to the other, they should really take the right decision and declare me the winner by canceling the vote in the irregular polling station.

Ziaul Haque Mridha complained and said that my agents have been kicked out from the center in Ashuganj. Muscle power, money power are all used here. I do not accept this investigation. If the Election Commission tries to call fish with vegetables by investigating them, then I will go to the High Court to take legal recourse if necessary. If you want to investigate, you have to form an investigation committee through a judicial committee or a former judge.

By-elections were held in Laxmipur-3 and Brahmanbaria-2 parliamentary constituencies on November 5. There were allegations of irregularities and rigging in the polls. The candidates also complained that the voter list was flawed.

Ziaul Haque, the defeated independent candidate of Brahmanbaria-2 (Sarail-Ashuganj) constituency, accused gross rigging in the by-election at the press conference at the party office in Kalikach Bazar of Sarail Upazila on Monday afternoon, the day after the polls. He also raised questions about the fair and impartial conduct of the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections with the current Election Commission.

He also said that the list of voters given to me did not match the list of votes in the polling station. About 50,000 voters of my side could not vote.

He also said that questions have arisen about how the 12th National Assembly elections will be with an Election Commission that cannot conduct a by-election impartially.

In the by-election held on November 5, the ruling Awami League nominated candidate Shahjahan Alam was elected privately by getting 66 thousand 314 votes with the boat symbol. His nearest rival independent candidate Ziaul Haque got 37 thousand 557 votes in the banana stick symbol.

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