Mercenary 2 murderer gets death sentence, girl and her boyfriend get life

Mercenary 2 murderer gets death sentence, girl and her boyfriend get life
Mercenary 2 murderer gets death sentence, girl and her boyfriend get life

In Manikganj Mahmuda Akhtar (45) murder case, the court sentenced two people to death and one to life imprisonment. At the same time, another year’s imprisonment has been imposed on non-payment of Tk 50,000 fine.

On Wednesday (November 8) at 11 o’clock Manikganj Senior District and Sessions Judge Court Judge Jayashree Samddar gave this verdict in the presence of the accused.

The verdict was given in the sensational murder case of Mahmuda Akhtar of Stadium Road in South Seota area of ​​the district town. Accused Noor Bux was acquitted as the charges were not proved in the case.

The deceased Mahmuda Akhter is the wife of Zahirul Islam of South Seotar Stadium area of ​​Manikganj Sadar.

Those sentenced to death are – Rakib Hossain, son of deceased Abdul Barek of Arakul area of ​​South Keraniganj, Dhaka and Mahafuzar Rahman, son of Mominur Rahman of East Golmunda area of ​​Jaldhaka area of ​​Nilphamari. Those sentenced to life imprisonment are-
Shafiur Rahman Naeem, son of Khorshed Alam of Arakul area of ​​South Keraniganj, Dhaka and Zulekha Akhtar Jyoti, daughter of Zahirul Islam of South Seota area of ​​Manikganj Sadar. Among them, Julekha Akhtar Jyoti is the daughter of deceased Mahmuda Akhtar.

According to the affidavit, mother Mahmuda Akhtar was suffocated to death by hired killers along with her boyfriend on the morning of January 23, 2020, as she prevented daughter Zulekha Akhtar from having an extra-marital affair with Jyoti. In this incident, Zahirul Islam, the husband of the deceased, filed a case against unknown persons at Manikganj Sadar police station.

Rakib Hossain (24), Mahafuzar Rahman (20), Shafiur Rahman Naeem (25) and Zulekha Akhtar Jyoti (19) were arrested for their involvement in the case. According to Jyoti’s plan, her lover Naeem struck a deal with the rest of the accused in exchange for one and a half lakh rupees. According to that, four people including Naeem went to Jyoti’s room in the afternoon and stayed in the same room all night.

On the morning of the incident, when the victim’s husband went out for a walk and market, all the accused went to Mahmuda’s room and saw him working on the sewing machine. At that time, when she saw strangers with the girl and tried to scream, Jyoti went to stand in front of the door and all the accused killed and left the body on the bed covered with plastic and left the scene.

The investigating officer of the case, SI Shamim Al Mamun, accused the four people and submitted the charge sheet to the court on May 31, 2020. After the arguments of both sides in the case, after the testimony of 21 people, the judge sentenced two people to death and life imprisonment to two people.

Prosecution counsel (PP) Abdus Salam expressed satisfaction with the verdict. However, the lawyer of the accused Aminur Haque Akbar said to appeal in the high court.

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