2 people sentenced to death in sensational Mahmuda murder case in Manikganj

2 people sentenced to death in sensational Mahmuda murder case in Manikganj
2 people sentenced to death in sensational Mahmuda murder case in Manikganj

The court sentenced two people to death in the murder case of sensational Mahmuda Akhtar (45) of Stadium Road in Dakshin Seota area of ​​Manikganj district city. At the same time, two people were sentenced to life and one was acquitted by the court. Manikganj District and Sessions Judge Court Judge Jayashree Samddar gave this judgment in the presence of the defendants at 11 am on Wednesday.

Mahmuda Akhter’s husband Zahirul Islam has filed a case at Manikganj Sadar Police Station accusing 5 people, including his daughter, of strangulating housewife Mahmuda Akhter.

The defendants in this murder case are, Md. of Dhaka’s Dakshin Keraniganj Jindapir area. Shafiur Rahman Naeem (25), son of Abdul Barek of the same area. Rakib Hossain (24), daughter of the complainant Zulekha Akhtar Jyoti (19), Md. of Purva Golmonda area of ​​Jaldhaka Upazila of Nilphamari district. Mahfuzar Rahman (20) and Noor Bux, son of Abdul Bhasani of the same area.

Among them, the court awarded death sentence to accused Rakib and Mahfuzar Rahman, life sentence to Naeem and Jyoti and acquitted Noor Hossain.

According to the affidavit, on January 22, 2020, around 6:30 am, the plaintiff in the case went out of the house to do the market. After returning from the market, he found his wife under cover. When he got no response to his calls, he was found dead when he removed the cover. Later, with the help of the tenants of the house, Mahmuda was rescued and taken to Manikganj District Hospital, where the doctor on duty declared him dead.

On May 31, 2020, SI of Manikganj Sadar Police Station. Shamim Al Mamun filed a charge sheet against 5 accused in the concerned court for their involvement in the murder case. Out of total 25 witnesses in the case, 21 persons testified. Later, after hearing the argument of the case, Manikganj District and Sessions Judge Judge Jayashree Samddar fixed the date of this sensational murder case on Thursday.

The investigating officer of the case mentioned in his investigation that Julekha Akhtar Jyoti was married to Maruf of Golakanda village of Dhamrai Upazila of Dhaka. After two years of marriage, he fell in love with Naeem of Keraniganj, Dhaka on Facebook and at some point they got involved in physical relations. After that, in November 2019, when Jyoti divorced her husband, Jyoti moved to her father’s house in Manikganj. Later, when Naeem occasionally had illicit intercourse with Jyoti in that house, Jyoti’s mother came to know about it and after disciplining Jyoti, Jyoti planned to kill her mother with the help of Naeem. According to that plan, Mahmuda Akhtar was killed in exchange of Tk.

According to the investigation sources, as per the plan, four people including Naeem went to Jyoti’s room in the afternoon before the incident and all of them stayed in the same room with Jyoti throughout the night. On the morning of the incident, when Jyoti’s father went out for a walk and market, all the accused went to Jyoti’s mother’s room and saw her working on the sewing machine. At that time, the accused strangled her mother in front of Jyoti and left the body on the bed, covering it with plaster and fled.

When asked about the case, Manikganj Judge Court public prosecutor lawyer Abdus Salam said, “He expressed satisfaction with the death sentence and life imprisonment of the accused involved in this sensational murder case.”

Aminul Haque Akbar and Khandaker Sujan Hossain, lawyers for defendant Noor Bux, said that this defendant is not involved in the above case. The matter was raised during testimony, cross-examination and argument. At the end of all matters, the judge acquitted Nur Hossain. So we are satisfied with this verdict. However, expressing dissatisfaction with the verdict, the lawyers of the other defendants expressed their opinion to go to the high court.

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