Not dialogue with those who kill people

Not dialogue with those who kill people
Not dialogue with those who kill people

Abdur Rahman, a member of Awami League’s president, said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the role model for development. There will be no place for terrorists in this country. The people of the country have stood against evil. You cannot come to power through dark alleys without elections. People will not accept it. People will not accept unjust strike and blockade. Sheikh Hasina will be the prime minister again. We will ensure a peaceful stay and protect people’s lives and property. We don’t want terrorist activities so we took to the streets with flags of peace.

He said these things while participating in the human chain program of Bangladesh Mahila Awami League at 11 am on Wednesday. This human chain was organized to protest the violence of BNP Jamaat on October 28.

Abdur Rahman said that policeman Parvez was killed on 28th. There is no human heart that has not been moved by the cry of his infant child. But his cry did not reach the ears of BNP Jamaat. They still set fire to cars, burned people in the name of blockade in the name of hartal.

He said, there will be no dialogue with those who kill people. The next election will be held according to the constitution. Congratulations to those who will be elected as well as those who will abstain. Elections will be held on time and people will vote and elect Sheikh Hasina. Until peace is established in the country, the Women’s Awami League will occupy the streets from the side of the Awami League. Mahila Awami League president Meher Afroz Chumki MP presided over the human band.

In the president’s speech Meher Afroz Chumki said, they know there is nothing to give to the people. BNP-Jamaat attacked women on 28th. Journalists, police or common people were not spared from their brutality. Today, Mahila Awami League wants to make it clear to BNP Jamaat that there is no place for militancy and terrorism in Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh.

He said, Mahila Awami League is calling on women to wake up against injustice. Women’s Awami League is on your side. History of Awami League Awami League entered the field to ensure peace and development, people’s right to vote and rice. And BNP Jamaat entered the field to push the country back, nurture militants. When they were in power, they carried out corruption and terrorism. Today when it is out of power, it is conspiring against the country with the help of foreign powers.

Dhaka South General Secretary of Mahila Awami League Parul said that today’s human chain is in protest against the attack on Mahila Awami League on 28th. A call to BNP to stop fire terrorism. Come to the country instead of sitting in London and plotting.

Former MP Saheda Tarek Deepti said, today’s human chain is in protest against the brutal attack by BNP. While Sheikh Hasina is struggling to build Sonar Bangla, one side has indulged in a conspiracy against the country, provoked by London. We want to show them how to protest in a peaceful way with peaceful human chains.

Mahila Awami League’s organizing secretary Nargis Khan MP said, “I want justice for the attack on Mahila Awami League from the Prime Minister. On 28th, when the leaders were going to join the peace rally with a procession, the attack was carried out without any provocation. It was pre-planned.

Former general secretary of Mahila Awami League Mahmuda Begum said that today’s Bangladesh is a Bangladesh of peace and development. You are the Khaleda that Pakistanis love. You went to Pakistan and made the country free.

Razia Mostafa, organizing secretary of Women’s Awami League, said that the strength of the supporters of independence should be brought to the field. BNP Jamaat cannot be given any chance.

Former MP Nasima Ferdausi said, today we have gathered to ask for an answer as to why women were attacked. From the past to the present Rajpath witness Awami League has not left the Rajpath. We are on the Rajpath, drivers brothers drive safely. No one can set fire.

Senior vice president of Mahila Awami League and former MP Shirin Naeem Poonam said, “When we were going to join the peace rally on 28th, the thugs of BNP Jamaat attacked the leaders of Mahila Awami League. Today we want to say that whoever is supporting terrorists sitting in London should be in the country. Come. Women’s Awami League has come to the streets to respond to all terrorism and misdeeds. Mahila Awami League alone is enough to deal with him. The leaders of Mahila Awami League Central, Metropolitan South and North participated in the human chain.

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