Not to say Citizen News

Not to say Citizen News
Not to say Citizen News

He told me, thank you! I will never forget this favor of yours, take your money.

I looked into his eyes and said, No, leave the money. You will find it useful. And it was my responsibility. I have done my duty. I thought! If you love someone, you can’t buy it with money!
Suddenly he said to me, do you love me?
I am not capable enough to love anyone.

He asked me again, who do you love? me?
Tears in my eyes, but said firmly, I love someone very much! But I don’t know his name. I used to stand at Kurmitola bus stand everyday for him. Maybe we will not go from today.

He said, love him a lot, don’t you? But could you tell him at least once?
I told him, I am an ordinary tea seller. No one will understand the importance of my words.
Suddenly he said, thank you!
I asked, why thanked?
He said again, thank you! So long to take my responsibility! Thank you for following me through the streets in the dead of night and bringing me home safely! Thanks for standing at Kurmitola bus stand every day! Thanks for waiting in the hot sun and rain.

I was listening to everything quietly. He hugged me. Didn’t give me a chance to ask anything. Immediately got on the train. I didn’t see him again when the train left…

Author: Rezwan Rashid Iqra, Student, National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute

The article is in Bengali

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