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Indian new potato at Hili is Rs.80 per kg

Indian new potato at Hili is Rs.80 per kg
Indian new potato at Hili is Rs.80 per kg

Indian new potatoes hit Heli land port market. These imported new potatoes are being sold in the wholesale market at the rate of Tk 60 per kg. Traders are selling it at 80 rupees in the retail market.

On Wednesday (November 8) morning, a visit to Hili Bazaar saw new potatoes imported from India in the market. It is being sold wholesale at the port at Tk 60 per kg, traders are retailing it at Tk 80 per kg. Meanwhile, in the Indian old potato market, the wholesale price is Tk 28 to Tk 30 per kg and the retail price is Tk 35 per kg.

Asharof Ali, a potato seller in Hili Bazaar, said that the price of domestic potatoes has decreased due to the import of Indian potatoes. In the span of a week, the price of potato has decreased by 15 rupees per kg. 50 to 55 Tk native potatoes are being sold wholesale at the rate of Tk 35 per kg in the market today on Wednesday. It is being sold in the retail market at the rate of Tk 40 per kg. Common buyers are happy as the prices have come down.

Sohail Rana, a vegetable trader in Heli Bazar, said that the port has imported new potatoes as well as old Indian potatoes. We bought wholesale at Tk 70 per kg and retailed it at Tk 80 per kg.

Habibur Rahman, who came to buy potatoes, said that the prices of all types of potatoes in the market have decreased. A few days ago the price of potatoes was insane, now within reach. India’s new potatoes have appeared in the market, the price is a little high, I bought one kg for 80 taka per kg.

Shahabul Islam, a potato importer, said that 12 tons of new Indian potatoes were imported in one of my cars yesterday. I am selling these potatoes wholesale at the rate of 60 taka per kg.

Hili Panama Port Public Relations Officer Sohrab Hossain said that since imported potatoes are raw products, importers are being given all kinds of support to market quickly.

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