Unreached people of Arachari deprived of health services: Demand for setting up of community clinics

Unreached people of Arachari deprived of health services: Demand for setting up of community clinics
Unreached people of Arachari deprived of health services: Demand for setting up of community clinics

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Arachari is a very remote neighborhood of Ward No. 9 of Chitmaram Union No. 3 of Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati District. About 150 families of Marma, Tanchangya, Chakma and Tripura communities live in this neighborhood.

On Tuesday (November 7) at 9:30 in the morning, this reporter went to the remote Arachari neighborhood. First, from Kaptai Upazila Sadar, about 8 km along the Kaptai road, from the cargo ghat adjacent to Kaptai New Bazar, the engine-powered boat on the Karnaphuli river reaches Murong Ghat after half an hour. Again from this Murang Ghat, I passed through the Kaptai Reserve Forest through the barren forest and climbed the 4 km high low hills and reached this neighborhood on foot after spending more than an hour. At that time, more than a hundred local residents had gathered in Arachari Government Primary School ground because, for the first time, a UNO of Kaptai Upazila will visit that area.

At that time, there was a talk with local Nayan Tanchangya, the founder president of Arachari Government Primary School. He said that there is no government private community clinic for health services in this remote village. We are deprived of all kinds of health services. So it is very important to set up a community clinic in our village.

Jeevan Vikas Tanchangya and Chichi Mong Marma, residents of the area, said that if someone suddenly falls ill in the area, we have to spend hours on foot and by motor-driven boat to reach a doctor in Kaptai New Market. And some go further 8km by road to get medical services at Upazila Health Complex If there was a clinic in our village for primary health care, we would not have faced this problem. Moreover, during the monsoon season, the condition of the road is so bad that it is not even possible to walk.

Biswajit Tanchangya, UP member of Ward No. 9 and Chikondhan Tanchangya, Acting Headman of No. 336 Arachari Mauza, said, if for some reason a pregnant woman or an old person suddenly falls ill, we cannot take them to the upazila health complex after passing a long distance to provide first aid. Because it is difficult to take these patients up and down hills. Establishing a community clinic in this remote area is urgent at this juncture. So that the residents get very basic services.

Meanwhile, Kaptai Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Md. Mohiuddin went to inspect various developmental activities of the government in this remote area on Tuesday (November 7), visited schools and inspected the house construction site under the Honorable Prime Minister’s Priority Project Shelter Project.

Local UP Chairman Weslimong Chowdhury along with heads of various government departments were present. During the inspection, in view of the demands of the residents of the community to set up a community clinic, UNO said that a community clinic is definitely necessary to ensure health services in this area. But if the local residents apply then we will send this application with recommendation to the proper authority.

Local Chitmaram Union Parishad Chairman Weslimong Chowdhury also demanded to set up a community clinic in this area.

Meanwhile, when contacted on the phone last Tuesday afternoon, Health and Family Planning Officer of Kaptai Health Department Dr. Masud Ahmed Chowdhury told this reporter that the government wants to establish community clinics in every area, but if someone in the area gives 8 percent of land, then we in the Ministry of Health will set up community clinics in that area. Necessary measures will be taken to set up the clinic.

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