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The heart does not feel that bad times are passing


Naturally, there were high expectations for him in the World Cup. However, expectations are not reflected in his bat. He was not even able to play in the eleven in all the matches.

Sports reporter from Pune

Wednesday November 8, 2023 11:49 AM Last Updated: Wednesday November 8, 2023 12:00 PM

Photo: The Star


Photo: The Star

Tawhid Hriday got a great start in international cricket. Brought fresh air to Bangladesh’s middle order. Naturally, there were high expectations for him in the World Cup. However, expectations are not reflected in his bat. He was not even able to play in the eleven in all the matches.

He scored 496 runs at an average of 41.33 in the first 14 matches of his career. But in the next 9 matches, his condition was very bad. 155 runs came from Hriday’s bat at an average of just 18.66. Even though he is considered for aggressive batting, he is not able to deliver that too, this time the strike rate is only 72.25.

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Hriday’s innings on the World Cup stage was messy. His approach will raise questions. In the match against England chasing 365 runs, Hridoy got down for seven and scored 39 runs off 61 balls.

13 off 25 balls against New Zealand in Chennai destroyed the team’s running rhythm. This right-handed batsman also played an impossibly slow innings against India in Pune. He scored only 16 runs off 35 balls. He was left out of the XI against South Africa in Mumbai.

Did not get a place against New Zealand in Kolkata. He returned to the XI against Pakistan and scored 7 runs from 9 balls. The team’s successful run chase in Delhi against Sri Lanka somewhat met the demand with his bat. Unbeaten on 15 off 7 balls. Playing 6 matches at the World Cup stage, Hridoy scored a total of 90 runs at an average of 22.50 and a strike rate of 68.70.

This young man does not want to call such a delicate situation a bad time. According to him, he is in a good position due to the coordination of the team, “I don’t feel that bad times are going.” I am batting up and down because of team coordination. Everyone has hope, so will I. I also try to give to the team. I have said before that batting for seven doesn’t matter to me. I also said in the Asia Cup that if the team needs to play down, I will play down. I will actually use the opportunities.’

Not only the heart, the entire batting department of Bangladesh failed in the World Cup. Circumstances affecting discontinuity did not arise. They are looking ahead instead of reading about what happened behind, ‘I don’t want to talk about what has gone. Seeing that we did not do well did not result in our team. If you want to score big runs or chase, you need a hundred or 80 runs from above. It would be better if you could do this thing in front.’

Six straight losses after a win against Afghanistan. Bangladesh finally got consolation by winning against Sri Lanka. According to Hriday, they will be able to take a little better confidence before the last match against Australia, ‘Definitely going to take better confidence. I will try to succeed by following the process.’

‘The challenge is not just Australia or their pacers. Every team is different. I have said before that I will try to do as much as I can in the process.’

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