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Face the new generation of open letters!

Face the new generation of open letters!
Face the new generation of open letters!

All over the world, the lives of many young people are being torn apart by emotional turmoil, grief and sorrow. The human race is passing the life of solitude with the pain of loneliness, patience, brutality pressed on the chest. Many people are losing their mental balance and self-confidence due to fear and suicide. At the same time, on the other side of the same world, looting, corruption, extortion, harassment and even robbery are going on. Many people are building palaces of illegal money in the misery of the nation.

If we fail to show the right path to those who indulge in evil deeds in this plight of the human race, we as a nation will be shameless, impudent and shameless. Many do wrong because of stomach. I accept that there is no shortage of such people, but how can I accept those who do wrong for greed and luxury? They are not responsible for the stomach, they are doing injustice to satisfy their brutal and perverse tastes.

But how long can you keep this satisfaction? Those who are doing these things do not think that it is wrong, because all the wrongs of the society are now justified to them. They think they are in creative action. They now have to point fingers in the eye that these actions are neither creative nor realistic. Also need to know why they are attracted to it. It is unfortunate that our society is now totally corrupt. Its boundlessness has hardened into a deeper boundlessness. Public corruption is what is not public. Because corruption can never be permanent.

In fact, there is no such strong accountability anywhere. I think the principle of good governance is accountability. Good governance will not come if it is not established. It must come from the highest level.

All the savings of corruption are finally deposited in the bank, let’s find out what is happening there. It appears that after the government appointed a politician as its chairman, the bank’s non-performing loans rose to 80 percent from 1.5 percent earlier. Only a chairman and MD because of the bank’s situation! When 80 percent of the loans defaulted, then the government should blame someone or the other. And the fact that so many loans defaulted was not due to any branch manager. A bank cannot default so much without a Chairman-MD. But the chairman is wandering around. That means those who are protecting the chairman are stronger than the ACC. Due to this no action is being taken against him till now.

Such changes are mainly to politicize the banking sector. But the bank is not a place for politics. 10 percent of a bank belongs to the owner or the government. The rest of the money is all people’s deposits. It is the responsibility of Bangladesh Bank to protect these deposits. This is why the pressure on the central bank, so that the central bank does not look at the interests of the depositors but looks at the interests of the looters. It doesn’t sound like it, but it’s the truth.

The problem is that those who are there to look after the interests of the depositors are also corrupt. So it has to be said that even if the people of the unfortunate country have eyes, they are not blind, but these bank chairmen would have done something. After knowing everything, questions have arisen in the mind, such as who is protecting them, in return for what? My question is corruption is a policy like economy, municipal policy, politics? Or this principle composed of everything which cannot be grasped, touched cannot be touched. Or it is like a vine in the heart of the nation!

My next question is what happens to the unfortunate young generation? The country is full of leaders but the leader has no followers. The leader has lost his humanity, shame and trustworthiness. The leader says what to do but who listens to whom. People have understood that if the leader is given the opportunity to lead, he will change himself and his family.

In that case what will happen to the people? Maybe everyone will say why so many people gather to listen to the leader’s speech at the meeting? Even if people go to listen to Maulana’s waz, it does not mean that people are doing what he says. People are street smart, so they keep their eyes open and listen, watch and then come to their conclusions.

No one listens to the leaders who sit in the luxury environment of London or Dhaka and order what to do. People may not be listening to the government that is currently in power. However, government salaried employees are working as per their routine. In the politics of the country, there is only manipulation, due to which there are no followers behind the leader, there are only scumbags. Many criticized the government and said that a terrible situation has arisen in the country today.

A consensus has developed among the people. The process of their coming forward has begun. The government can no longer run the country the way it wants to. People will stand up one day and say, it has become absolutely unbearable. It should be changed. Who will tie the bell on the neck of the talking cat? The people? Who are the people? Foreigners or the country’s 17 million people?

People are not as stupid as they used to be, when anyone says anything they want and they jump. That day passed. I remembered a song called ‘Dyal baba kala khaba gaya lagai khao’. If there is really so much love for the country, then why are we not jumping like the martyred brothers of the past? Because we the people are just plagued, exploited, oppressed and oppressed time and time again. Our love has turned to hate. Our whole body is plunged in despair.

Mind says to raise strong voice and jump against exploitation, rule and oppression but no I will not because we are peaceful peaceful people. We are now frightened, forget to protest and learn to bear insults. We are now subjugated in our own country due to the leadership of unprincipled and misguided leaders. We have leaders but no leadership. We are now subjugated in an independent country, if anything we go to different embassies and complain. It was like this in the past and now it has increased.

A young and future leader who is thinking about his dream of Sonar Bengal wrote to me during such a crisis. I have presented the entire text for everyone’s information.

‘Dear sir, I have given you an open letter. I m. Golam Sarwar Saimum, a general student of Computer Science and Engineering department. Recently I wrote a book (The Chemistry of Civilization – Message from 2023) on human civilization. Where I also mention you as you inspire in so many ways. So in that book I have tried to present the issues of how a civilization develops and how it is destroyed through chemical reaction equations. I do not have the financial ability to publish the book now. I have explained many such things in my book but since Prakash is not happening now I want to convey some message to my country separately.

O my dear Bangladesh, look around, what can you see? Have you seen how the strong oppress the weak? See that when Myanmar carried out genocide on Rohingyas no one could do anything, in Ukraine ordinary people are dying in the dirty game of international politics no one could do anything, can’t. Genocide is going on in Palestine and no one can do anything. So what do you think?

We are at a point in human civilization where destruction, war or natural disasters are inevitable. We are very close to destruction. And if we look at the social situation, it can be understood that we have fallen into ruin long ago. Now at this time, this political disaster in our country, again the increase in commodity prices. Where will ordinary people go in this situation? I hated the word patience in the past, could not hear it. Now I understand how important it is. Now there is devastation going on all over the world, no one is better off anywhere. Floods, earthquakes, rising temperatures, severe winters, wars have all kept the world busy. So at such a time we have no choice but to be patient.

In my book I present this stage of civilization as the ‘Equation of Destruction’. So in this situation if we create new artificial crisis in our own country then we are pushing ourselves into the equation of destruction, accelerating ourselves towards destruction. At this time, neither humanity, nor any religion, nor any political party, nor caste will work. When destruction occurs, everyone will be affected. It is like the beginning of the third world war. So can we protect our country if someone looks down on our country? Because they are strong, they can want to establish democracy in any country if they get a chance. Then he can completely loot the country and leave. Take a look at the Middle East.

Come to think of it, it’s like a ‘race for land!’ The more power he occupies, the more space he occupies or will. Rohingyas have lost land, India has lost to China, Ukraine is losing, Palestine is losing, who is going to be the victim? And what should be our goal now?

Many people are saying many things about their own country, about the situation, no work is being done, there is no end of writing in the newspapers, but still no work is being done. However, in the midst of all this, I have only one appeal to my country, solve the internal political crisis of the country and keep an eye on the international situation! This situation is very scary. We don’t want to take away or take over anything from others but we want to be strong like this a thousand times before anyone sets foot on our soil. War is multi-faceted, there is war on the battlefield and beyond that there is war of information, war of media.

Again calling each other ‘terrorist organization!’ Or militant groups attempt to prove a race, to wreak havoc. So that’s why I said that you should be so strong that you think a thousand times before stepping on the soil of the country.

After reading Saimum’s letter, I traveled to the past for a while. Once foreigners came and looted our wealth, now we ourselves are looting and smuggling abroad, they are no longer being looted but they are playing the role of people and saying what to do and what not to do, where is this shame covered? I also dream like Saimum, I also want foreigners to walk in Sonar Bengal but the responsibility of citizens is limited to citizens. Today, if we are really subjugated in our own country, then our existence, our personality, our authority, everything will be destroyed little by little, is it not possible to accept that? Wake up Bangladesh, wake up and think again.

One thing to remember is how we got this country. Who are the people of this country? What is our national identity? How can we make him Sonar Bangla? etc. need to think about things. Digitization is urgently needed to get Bangladesh free from corruption like cash money has to be withdrawn from the country. It is useless to imagine something catastrophic beyond our limits, above the sky.

Despite being limited in resources in this country of 56 thousand square miles, we began to propagate and expand ourselves throughout the world. Everyone should think positively. Now the good feeling that is only due to corruption, corruption, has nothing to do with achievement. But satisfaction is about growing up. But lately many are running more after achievement than satisfaction, which is why they feel a bit of a failure because that achievement is not coming to them in the right amount. I think about it a little differently. I think creative people need to create. When creation is loved by people, when it is established by people, it will seem that I got a lot of things in my life that I did not want.

Why does it seem like we don’t have much even though we have everything? Like a husband saying to his wife, baby I love you. Wife replies where how and when, I can’t understand, see, hear or feel anything? Where did the event stand, it seems that the holiday bell has started ringing.

The world is a very beautiful place, it will be difficult to leave but it must be left. I think that I just took it in life, but why did I forget to give it? Is there time to actually return the interest or is the bank closed forever? Conscience is not chasing? A nation change can give us all a little sympathy. Let’s do something together, we will be successful.

Author: Rahman Mridha, Former Director, Pfizer, Sweden. [email protected]


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