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The price of two bagar fish is 1 lakh 23 thousand taka

The price of two bagar fish is 1 lakh 23 thousand taka
The price of two bagar fish is 1 lakh 23 thousand taka

Bagar fish is an endangered species. According to the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act, hunting, hunting and selling wild boar is a punishable offence. But despite the law, due to lack of implementation, poaching and open sale of wild boars is not stopped.

Two critically endangered bagar fish were sold for 1 lakh 23 thousand taka in Daulatdia of Goaland upazila of Rajbari.

Local fish trader Shahjahan Sheikh sold a 37 kg bagar to an acquaintance in Dhaka for around 52,000 taka on Tuesday. The bagar was caught by fishermen in the estuary of Padma and Yamuna rivers. Earlier on Monday morning, another bagar fish weighing about 49 kg was sold for 71 thousand taka. It was sold by another fishmonger Chandu Molya.

After the ban of 22 days, the fishermen went down to the river. Endangered animals are also being caught along with hilsa and grasshoppers.

Yesterday morning in the estuary of Padma and Yamuna Rivers, a big bagar fish was caught in the net of Masud Halder, a fisherman in Dhalla Char, Pabna. When the bagar was auctioned at Daulatdia Ghat terminal-adjacent Anukhar shelter, the fish merchant Shahjahan Sheikh bought it as the highest bidder. Earlier too, a bagar was caught in the fishermen’s net. When it was auctioned on Monday morning, Bagar bought it as the highest bidder.

However, Rajbari District Fisheries Officer said. Moshiur Rahman said that they do not know any information that there is a ban on hunting and selling wild boar. That’s why they don’t conduct any campaign in hunting or selling bagar.

Fishermen said that after the ban period on hilsa conservation passed on November 2, local people as well as fishermen from Manikganj, Sirajganj and Pabna went fishing in the river.

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