The first brother of Islam, Musaab (R.A.).

The first brother of Islam, Musaab (R.A.).
The first brother of Islam, Musaab (R.A.).

After the Prophet (PBUH), the Sahabi are the figures we follow, the inspiration for all our good deeds and the sense of continuous progress on the path to Paradise. That is why it is necessary for all the believers who are thirsty for Paradise to know the lives of the Companions and take lessons from them and build their lives accordingly. Today, the biography of the first Da’i of Islam and the flag-bearer of the Battle of Ohud, the young Muhajir Companion Mus’ab bin Umayer (R.A.) is discussed:

Name and Origin: His name is Musaab. Father’s name is Umair. Grandfather’s name is Hashim. Mother’s name is Khunas Binte Malek. His lineage is – Musab bin Umayer bin Hashim bin Abde Manaf bin Abdud Dar bin Qushai bin Kilab. His nickname is Abu Muhammad.

Pre-Islamic Life: Mus’ab was born into a noble and wealthy family in Mecca. His mother Khunas bint Malek was the owner of vast wealth. Musab was a handsome young man. He was very loved by his mother. Poverty and misery never touched him. Expensive clothes and use of perfume were his daily habits. He used all the expensive brands of perfume in Mecca and wore expensive clothes. His behavior as Dhani’s broker was also different. His classmates surrounded him on the way. He was used to a luxurious life before accepting Islam.

Accepting the light of Deen: The key to guidance is in the hands of Allah alone. He bestows the light of guidance on whom He wills. Musaab, the son of a wealthy family, was accepted by Allah Almighty for his deen. He accepted Islam at the very beginning of Islam. He was among the early companions. He found the shining highway of Tawheed against the prevailing Jahili society. He came to know that Muhammad (pbuh) was inviting Din to the house of Arqam bin Abul Arqam near Safa Hill. So, without delay, he went to Sangopon and appeared there. After that, he blessed himself by drinking the Amiya Sudha of Tawheed. Islam accepted the religion of eternal peace in the religion and social system of the father and grandfather.

Housebound Mus’ab: Mus’ab bin Umayr’s wealthy mother, Khunas, was a very angry woman. As he was affectionate towards his son, he was also strict in discipline. Musab did not fear anyone in the society except his mother. He decided to keep his conversion to Islam a secret for the time being due to fear of his mother. Let me know if the situation is somewhat normal. For this reason, he used to travel secretly to Darul Arkam.

But Ushman bin Talha saw about his visit to Darul Arqam and immediately informed his mother about the news. As a result, his mother, with the help of the leading people of the society, first tried to convince Musaab, then tortured him physically and mentally. He was even put under house arrest. He is kept under guard day and night. So that you can’t go to Darul Arkam by any means from the house. In this way the young companion Musaab bin Umayer (R.A.) was imprisoned day after day.

Emigration: While under house arrest, he learns that a caravan of new Muslims is emigrating to Habsha. He also made up his mind that somehow he would be freed from this captivity and migrate to Habsha. He kept looking for opportunities for that purpose. One day he managed to sneak out and migrated to Abyssinia with the Muslim caravan. After staying in Abyssinia for some time, he returned to Makkah. This time he migrated to Yasrib i.e. Medina.

The Prophet (pbuh) sent him to Yathrib as a Da’i. He was the first among the Muhajirs to travel to Madinah. Bara Ibn Ayyib (RA) said, ‘The first to arrive among us (Madinah) were Mus’ab bin Umayr and Ibn Umm Maktum (RA). Then Ammar ibn Yasir and Bilal came to us.’

Narrated elsewhere in the same vein, ‘On the authority of Abu Ishaq, who said, I heard Bara’ ibn Azeb (may Allah be pleased with him) say, The first to come to us (to Madinah) were Mus’ab bin Umayr and Ibn Umm Maktoum (may Allah be pleased with him). They taught people the Qur’an. Then came Bilal, Sa’d and Ammar ibn Yasir (RA).

Then Umar Ibnul Khattab (RA) came to Medina with 20 companions of the Prophet (PBUH). Then the Prophet (PBUH) himself arrived. I have never seen the people of Madinah rejoice so much at his arrival. Even the maids were saying, the Prophet (PBUH) said good wishes. Bara (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “Before his arrival, I recited a few surahs up to Surah Al-A’la.”

This proves that Mus’ab bin Umayr (ra) was the first to go to Madinah. He used to teach the Qur’an to people in addition to da’wat work there. Mus’ab, the first da’i of Islam: The first da’i in the history of Islam was Mus’ab bin Umayr (RA). During Hajj season in 11th New Year, 6 young people who came to Makkah from Yasharib accepted Islam and went back to Madinah to do dawat. Next year, 12 people arrived in Makkah including 7 new people.

Among them, the youngest As’ad bin Yurarah (RA) was the leader of the party. Like the previous year, they pledged allegiance to the Prophet (PBUH) in the mountain tunnel called Aqaba. At that time they requested the Prophet (PBUH) to send a Da’i with them to Madinah. Who will deliver the message of Tawhid everywhere in Madinah. The Prophet (pbuh) then nominated the soft-spoken, sharp-witted young companion Mus’ab bin Umayr (r.a.) for this great work. As a result, Mus’ab bin Umayer (RA) had the privilege of becoming the first da’i in the history of Islam. He went to Madinah and stayed at the house of As’ad bin Zurarah.

Then the two young companions Mus’ab and As’ad (R.A.) started reaching the house of Yashrib with the invitation of Tawheed. Benefits of Dawat in Madinah: Within a short time the benefits of their dawat became visible. He was so soft-spoken that one could listen to him spellbound.

Even the worst hater would turn into a best friend in an instant. One day As’ad bin Zurarah went with him to the neighborhood of Banu Abdil Ashhal and Banu Ja’far and there he was sitting by a well with some Muslims doing Dawati. Until then, the two leaders of the Banu Abdil Ashhal clan, Sa’d bin Mu’az and Usayed bin Husayr, did not accept Islam. On hearing the news of the arrival of the messengers, Sa’d said to Usayed, “Go and forbid them from making fools of our upright people.” If As’ad was not my cousin I would have gone myself.’

Then Usayed raised his spear and went there and said, ‘If you want to live, then run away now. You are turning our stupid people into Muslims’. Musaab then calmly said, You sit for a while and listen. If you don’t like it, you’ll see.’ Usayed then sat on the ground with his spear. Then Musaab recited some parts from the Qur’an to him. Then he said something about the greatness, greatness of Allah and the importance of worshiping and obeying Him. In the meantime, Usayed was shocked and said, ‘How beautiful these words are.’ Then he accepted Islam there. Then he came to Sa’d bin Mu’az and said, ‘By Allah! I saw nothing wrong with them’.

Later Sa’d bin Mu’az also accepted Islam. After accepting Islam, he returned to his tribe and called everyone and said, ‘O Banu Abdil Ashhal! How do you think of me among you?’ They said, ‘You are our leader, the best decision-maker and our most reliable commander.’ Then he said, ‘It is forbidden for me to speak to all of you, men and women, until you believe in Allah and His Messenger.’ The response to these words was that everyone accepted Islam in the evening.’

Thus, as a result of the hard work of Musaab (R.A.), before the next Hajj season came, the eternal message of Islam reached the homes of Yashrib, and a large caravan of 75 people went to Makkah and was blessed to take the oath of allegiance at the hands of the Prophet (S.A.W.) at the mountain tunnel called Aqaba. Which is called ‘Bayate Kubra’. Along with this, the path of the Prophet’s (PBUH) emigration to Madinah was also made smooth and wide.


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