Although there are vegetables in the market in advance of winter, the price is not affordable


(6 minutes ago) Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 11:26 am

In the markets of the capital Dhaka, vegetables are available in advance of winter, but the buyers are grinding at extra prices. As the reason, the sellers are bringing forward the excuse of blockade. They are asking 5 to 10 taka more for almost every vegetable than last week claiming that it is costing extra to bring products to Dhaka. Many buyers have to stay away from tasting winter vegetables.
On Wednesday, the prices of most of the vegetables and greens have gone up in various raw markets and retail shops in the capital. Apart from this, onions and potatoes are being sold at higher prices than before. A few raw markets have been visited, the prices of most vegetables start at 70, 80 and 90 taka. Beans, carrots, brinjals fetch the highest prices. Depending on the size and quality, the asking price ranges from Tk 100-150 per kg of beans. Besides, new cauliflower pieces 60-80 taka, sweet potato 75-80 taka, bitter gourd 80-90 taka, brinjal 70-130 taka depending on variety, turnip 100-110 taka, radish 70-80 taka, raw papaya 30-35 taka, green pepper 200 taka KG is being sold. Glass beads are being sold at Tk 45-55.

Cucumber and carrot prices are not far behind. Country cucumber is selling at Tk 80-90, Hybrid Cucumber Tk 60-70, Carrot Tk 120 and Borab at Tk 125.

Meanwhile, Poaz is being sold at higher prices than before. Today in the market, local onion is selling at Tk 130, imported Indian onion at Tk 100, local ginger at Tk 220, local garlic at Tk 220, Indian garlic at Tk 170 to Tk 180 and dry red chilli at Tk 420 per kg.

The vegetable market is also not lagging behind in price. The market of all kinds of vegetables including laushak, spinach, lalshak, kalmi shak, kachu shak is full. Gourd greens are being sold at Tk 60-70, Pui greens at Tk 50-55 and Spinach, red greens, Kalmi greens and raw greens at Tk 30-45.
There is no news of relief in grocery either. Booter dal is 90 taka, anchor dal is 70 taka, Indian lentil is 110 taka, desi dal is 135 taka, chickpea is being sold at 90 taka.

Besides, open sugared rice is Tk 135, miniket rice is being sold at Tk 65, 60, 55 per kg, Nazirshail rice is Tk 70-75, sugar is Tk 137, powdered milk is Tk 780 per kg. At the same time, the price of soybean oil per liter is falling at Tk 170. A 5 kg bottle of Rupchanda brand soybean oil has been priced at Tk 800 and palm oil is being sold at Tk 135 per kg.

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