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BNP alone is enough to wipe out BNP: Who

BNP alone is enough to wipe out BNP: Who
BNP alone is enough to wipe out BNP: Who

He said, ‘Those who stop the National Day program are cowards. They don’t need to do politics.’

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader commented that BNP alone is enough to wipe out BNP.

He said this while speaking as the chief guest at a discussion meeting organized on the occasion of Freedom Fighters Killing Day in front of the Awami League’s central office at Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Wednesday afternoon. The discussion meeting was organized by Awami League Dhaka Metropolitan South.

At one stage of the speech, Obaidul Quader said to the journalists, ‘Ask them (BNP) one thing, November 7 is their national day. Why did they stop their national day program? Awami League wants to wipe out BNP. BNP alone is enough to wipe out BNP. The movement of this party is fake.

He said, ‘Those who stop the National Day program are cowards. They don’t need to do politics. They do not even dare to visit the shrine of their founder Ziaur Rahman. What politics suits these cowards? The politics of these cowards can be understood here.’

He further said, ‘All the events that happened behind the scenes in this country have made our history bloody and tarnished. Ziaur Rahman is the mastermind of the November 3 murder. This Zia is the Zia who saved Colonel Taher’s life in the guise of the sepoy crowd. He was imprisoned. Was imprisoned in the cantonment. rescued him. In the end, Ziaur Rahman hanged that colonel Taher.

Obaidul Quader said, ‘How many soldiers, freedom fighter officers have been brutally killed by Ziaur Rahman by hanging. This Zia murder, Q, launched the politics of conspiracy, and his successor Khaleda Zia, Tariq Rahman started fire terror in Bangladesh. In 2014, 2015 and 2001, they wiped out the whole of Bangladesh with a flood of blood.

He said, ‘The 28th (October) passed… On that 28th, Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the first under-river tunnel in South Asia. where now? All fled. Standing in Nayapaltan, they said, Awami League is running away, Sheikh Hasina is running away. Sheikh Hasina is now performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Who are you, where? Why today in prison? Those in prison, they cannot deny responsibility.’

The bridge minister said, ‘After fighting with the police, brutally killing a policeman, attacking the police…, at that time Mirza Fakhrul thought, ‘Oh, the situation is bad.’

Awami League Dhaka Metropolitan South President Abu Ahmed Mannafi presided over the discussion meeting.

The article is in Bengali

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