He killed his mother-in-law because he could not tolerate the love of his ex-wife

He killed his mother-in-law because he could not tolerate the love of his ex-wife
He killed his mother-in-law because he could not tolerate the love of his ex-wife

Even after his divorce from his wife Renu Rishi, Mukul Chandra Roy was still together. But when Renu went to Dhaka for work in Gazipur, she developed a relationship with a young man named Al Amin. But that relationship turned sour for Renu Rishi’s mother Chinta Rishi (66). He had to be brutally murdered by the daughter’s ex-husband. After the murder, his body was found in an abandoned ring slab placed next to the house The soil is kept under pressure.

Last Monday (November 6), after the body was recovered, the mystery of the old woman’s murder came up in the police investigation. The incident took place in Madhyapara village of Debiganj upazila municipality of Panchagarh.

Police have arrested two people in this incident. The accused are Mukul Chandra Roy (36) and Mahadev Rishi (25). Among them are Mahadev Rishi, son of late Khageshwar and son-in-law of deceased Chinta Rishi of Balagram Chandihati area of ​​Jaldhaka Balagram of Mukul Chandra Rainilphamari and son of Devdas Rishi of North Sonakhuli area of ​​Dimla in the same district and son-in-law of Chinta Rishi’s granddaughter.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime and Ops) Kanak Kumar Das held a press conference with reporters after uncovering the mystery of the old woman’s murder on Monday afternoon. Within 8 hours of the murder, he revealed the mystery of the incident, recovered the evidence and arrested the murderer and presented detailed information to the journalists.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime and Ops) Kanak Kumar Das told reporters that Chinta Rishi, the victim of the murder, used to earn his livelihood by begging. He was missing for last 6/7 days. Not finding him, grandson Jeevan (22) and stepson Nepal Rishi (38) searched the house last Monday afternoon. At one point, the neighbors were called after smelling the stench from the abandoned ring slab between the tube well and the hearth of the homestead. Later, when the police were informed through the locals, the police came and recovered the half-melted body of the woman from the smelly place. The post-mortem shows that Chinta Rishi’s throat was cut, there was a sharp weapon injury in the middle of the chest and a sharp weapon injury on the right side of the abdomen.

In this incident, 5 members of the victim’s family were taken into police custody for initial investigation and interrogation. During the interrogation, the name of Mukul Chandra Roy (36) who was involved in the case of Chinta Rishi’s murder and disappearance came up. Mukul Chandra Roy Chinta Rishi’s daughter and son-in-law. He is the son of deceased Khageshwar of Balagram, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari and ex-husband of deceased’s daughter Renu Rishi.

According to the details of the murder, Renu Rishi was married to Mukul Chandra Roy, the mastermind of the murder, 6/7 years ago. After marriage, Renu came to know that her husband Mukul Chandra Roy had another wife from before. After knowing the matter, Renu divorced her husband Mukul Chandra Roy and started living with her mother. After divorce, Mukul Chandra Roy and Renu Rishi started living as husband and wife. At one stage, when Renu Rishi went to Gazipur for work, he developed a love relationship with a young man named Al Amin. Renu brings her lover Al Amin home on the basis of love relationship. Seeing that, Mukul Chandra realizes that his ex-wife is in love with someone else. When he protested about the matter, the deceased Chinta Rishi misbehaved with his former son-in-law Mukul by supporting his daughter’s relationship. Ex-wife Renu could not accept such activities and followed Ader to Gazipur. Going there, Renu and her boyfriend Al Amin got into an argument. Mukul then came to Jaldhaka house threatening to kill Renu’s lover Al Amin and his mother too.

After this incident, Mukul Chandra Roy planned to go to the house of mother-in-law Chinta Rishi at 9 am on October 31. On that day at noon, mother-in-law paid 200 taka to buy chicken from the market. He eats and drinks chicken meat at noon and night. At night, when Chinta Rishi fell asleep in the puja room, Mukul entered the house between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. and killed Chinta Rishi by cutting his throat while he was sleeping with a sharp knife. During this time, he hit the old woman’s chest and stomach several times. Later they took the dead body out of the house and buried it in the abandoned ring slab of the house.

Mukul admitted that he had done this with the help of his son-in-law Mahadev Rishi (25), the granddaughter of the deceased. While investigating the incident, the police seized the sharp knife, plastic bucket and jug used in the murder. In view of the incident, a case was filed against the accused by Debiganj police station and in the afternoon they were sent to jail through the court.

Additional Superintendent of Police Kanak Kumar Das said the incident was almost clueless. Even then, we quickly went to the field and arrested the two accused by adopting various tactics. In the interrogation, they hunted the matter of murder. They were sent to jail on Monday by the court.

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