Suffering increases due to increase in drug prices


Chi Thi Patra

The common people of the country are already disoriented by the increase in commodity prices. At the same time, the price of medicine is increasing at an uncontrolled rate. There is an opportunity for bargains when buying essentials. But that is not the case with the purchase of a life-saving drug. However, there is no way to understand whether the shopkeeper is keeping the price of medicine right or high. A few years ago, I used to buy medicine for 10 taka per leaf, now the price is 15 taka. Napa syrup from Tk 20 is now Tk 35. The price of every drug has been increased in this way. Those concerned say that one of the reasons behind the increase in the price of medicine is the increase in the value of the dollar, the increase in the price of raw materials in the international market, the increase in the cost of importing raw materials, etc. The reality is that companies increase the cost of drugs by several times more than if they increase their costs by one rupee. Looking at the situation, it seems that the domestic companies are engaged in an unwritten competition to raise the prices of drugs. However, if the drug policy of 1982 was strictly enforced, the interests of both patients and manufacturers would have been protected. According to a statistic, the price of all essential medicines in the country has increased by 10 percent to 70 percent, which is very disappointing for the common people. But there is no one to pay attention to these matters, everyone has their own thoughts. A few days ago, while buying medicine, I saw a 6-7 year old child come to take Ursaline.

Md. Rakib Mohammadpur Dhaka

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