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The government allowed the import of potatoes a week before the market price came under control. At that time, the price of potatoes rose up to Tk 70 per kg. Now prices in the wholesale market have started to come down. In the retail market, customers are getting potatoes for 50 to 55 taka. But this year, prices rose almost twice as much as any other time. The first import of potato from India started in the country last Thursday (November 2). After that, 2 thousand 700 tons of potatoes have arrived in the country in the last five days. So far, the government has given permission to import 1 lakh 62 thousand tonnes of potatoes, the Ministry of Agriculture said. It was seen in the Badda market on Tuesday morning that potatoes were being sold at the rate of Tk 50 to Tk 55 per kg, which was Tk 60 three days ago and Tk 70 per kg a week ago when import was allowed. Traders said that although the quantity of imported potatoes is less than the demand, the price has started to decrease in the country’s market. In addition, early potatoes from the northern region have started arriving in the market. However, it has been found that the price of potato has decreased more in the wholesale market than in the retail market. However, the impact on the retail market is less. The price of desi potato in the wholesale market has decreased by Tk 15 per kg. On the other hand, the price of potatoes set by the government is Tk 35 to Tk 36 per kg in the retail market. But the retail market is still charging Rs. 20 per kg more. In some neighborhood shops, customers still have to buy potatoes at Tk 60 per kg. Gopal Chandra of Lakshmi Bhandar in Shyambazar of the capital said that potatoes were sold at the price of Tk 33 to Tk 35 per kg in the wholesale market, which is Tk 15 less than before. That is why potatoes are supposed to be sold at a price of 40 to 45 rupees in the retail market. However, retailers have not reduced the prices yet.

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