Pictures also speak Citizen News


Marriage is not happening, no one is showing interest in Gunila’s film. Eventually the price started to drop. At one stage only $500 was charged, but still no one agreed to buy Gunila’s film. Jessica knows what wonderful hearts and memories are embedded in these stone carvings. Suddenly a handsome young man raises his hand from behind to buy Gunila’s picture at the auction for $500.

Behind everyone’s eyes, Jessica turns around and is shocked, hey, it’s that Thomas; The one she once loved. Jessica stops in shock, wondering why Thomas is here and why Gunila bought the picture, where no one else showed any interest!

Anyway, Gunilla’s painting was sold to Thomas. As everyone waited for the groom to auction the next set of paintings, the lawyer announced a 15-minute break. Everyone is sitting and waiting for the next step. Meanwhile, Jessica came in front of Thomas and looked fascinated. Thomas sees Jessica through the memory window.

‘How are you,’ asked Jessica.
‘I’m fine, you?’
‘Yes, I am.’
‘Are you here? You never like painting. Why did you suddenly buy Gunila’s picture?’
‘Thinking of you.’
‘Remember me, you mean?’
‘One day you told me about the love of Simon’s life and his first meeting with Gunilla.’
‘Do you remember that?’
‘How do you know that Simon’s everything is going to be auctioned off today?’
‘I work here.’
Hearing this, Jessica was surprised and asked,
‘Mean? Your bullfight?’
‘I gave that up a long time ago.’

The article is in Bengali

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