Continued inflation

Continued inflation
Continued inflation

Due to continued inflation and manipulation of syndicates, human suffering continues to increase. People are trying to adapt themselves to this situation, but the poor have become disoriented. In order to break the syndicate, the government fixed the price of the product several times, but the product was not available in the market at that price. This is worrying. Sadly, while the consumer woes are extreme, the regulatory agencies are somehow silent. It is observed that even if the supply of products in the market is normal, the prices are systematically increased by targeting one or more products for a specific period. However, no headache can be noticed by the authorities. While the rice market has been somewhat stable for some time now millers and importers are destabilizing the market. They are hoarding rice instead of supplying it as per demand. While the wholesalers demand more rice, the millers are staging a drama of selling less rice. In this, the price is being increased on the pretext of supply shortage of rice in the market. Despite the good yield of paddy in Boro season, the price of rice is not decreasing. On the contrary, the price is increasing. If urgent attention is not given to this matter, the price will be increased by creating an artificial crisis. Already the poor people have their backs against the wall. For a long time, people with low and limited income are forced to return home from the market without buying many essential commodities. The question is, how can low-income people stay healthy without eating nutritious food?

Despite the various steps taken by the government, the crisis is not over in the market. Apart from fixing the prices of three products namely potato, desi onion and egg, the price control campaign has been started in the market, but the consumers are not getting the benefit. There are no clear signs of reduction in the prices of most daily commodities like rice, pulses, oil, sugar. Common people have reduced the purchase of fish and meat long ago. If the vegetables also go out of reach, then how can they survive? If people have to struggle even to collect pulses, rice and potatoes, then what can be sadder than this? Due to the high price of vegetables, earlier low and limited income people used to buy vegetables. Vegetables which used to be available at a slightly lower price, now cost 10 to 15 taka per maund. Even the prices of cracked and half-rotten vegetables have increased several times. In this situation, it is important to take timely steps to prevent inflation. Social security coverage needs to be expanded to protect low-income and poor people.

Sadly, while unscrupulous traders destabilize commodity markets as they wish, the market surveillance agencies are not at all visible. It is alleged that there is collusion of the business syndicate with the dishonest officials and employees involved in market monitoring. The indifference of the higher authorities in these matters is very sad. Although there is a penalty for the crime of syndication, why is its implementation not visible? Surveillance should be increased in every market of daily commodities. Market surveillance agencies should, if necessary, identify syndicates through intelligence activities. Either way, unscrupulous traders should be swiftly brought to justice. If not, human suffering will not decrease.

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