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Ranveer’s ‘Animal’ surpassed ‘Jawan’ before release

Ranveer’s ‘Animal’ surpassed ‘Jawan’ before release
Ranveer’s ‘Animal’ surpassed ‘Jawan’ before release

Kabir Singh fame director Sandeep Reddy Banga’s film ‘Animal’ will be released next December. The teaser of the film was released at the beginning of the year. Ranbir Kapoor will be seen in a completely different look in the film. Ax in hand, bloody face, big hair. Leaving the shell of a romantic hero, he is now on the way to become an action hero.

This is Ranveer’s first action film. And for the first time Shahrukh Khan has been chosen as a rival! Ranveer’s ‘Animal’ overshadowed ‘Jawan’ in one respect before its release.

The actor is teaming up with Rashmika Mandana for the first time. Naturally, fans are excited to see the new pair on the big screen. Already the songs ‘Hua Mai’ and ‘Satranga’ of the film are being talked about. Apart from this, many people are looking at it because of the success of the film ‘Kabir Singh’ and the controversy created with the film.


The film is releasing in America as well as in India. ‘Animal’ is the first Hindi film to be released in 888 theaters in America. Earlier films like ‘Jawan’ and ‘Brahmastra’ were released in that country. Out of which ‘Jawan’ got 850 and ‘Brahmastra’ got 810 theatres. From that point of view, ‘Animal’ has overtaken ‘Jawan’ here.

Apart from Ranveer-Rashmika, the film also stars Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Tripti Dimri. ‘Animal’ will be released on December 1. Apart from this, Shah Rukh Khan’s third film of this year ‘Dunky’ is also coming in December. Let’s see if ‘Dunky’ surpasses ‘Animal’ at the box office!

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