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Kuakata beach without tourists


40 rooms of residential hotel beach located on the world’s longest beach Sagarkanya Kuakata Beach. Among them, tourists booked more than 5 rooms for today. The organizing secretary of Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association, Sheikh Md. said that the booking of 5 rooms has been canceled due to the 48-hour blockade announced by various anti-government political parties including BNP. Ziaur Rahman. He fears that the hotel business may collapse at the beginning of the tourist season due to sudden political unrest. Frustration has now emerged among various levels of businessmen, including tourism. Besides, small traders are spending idle time. Sheikh Md. director of the hotel beach. Ziaur Rahman said, there are 40 rooms in my hotel. After the inauguration of Padma Setu, 70 percent of the rooms were booked four-five days in advance for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But this week I got a big shock. If this situation continues, the hotel will be forced to close.

Employees will lose their jobs and will be in trouble.

The same is the case with 180 hotels in Kuakata. Motaleb Sharif, Director of Kuakata Guest House and Secretary General of Hotel Kuakata Hotel-Motel Owners Association, said, “My hotel has 22 rooms that can accommodate 70 people.” The hotel owner is paying the employees. In this situation, many workers fear that they may lose their jobs. Kuakata local tourism-oriented businessmen said that they are waiting in the hope that they will overcome their losses in these three months of the full tourist season and see the face of profit. Currently, they are the sand of hope. Kuakata’s tourism industry has started collapsing due to political unrest. Kuakata Tourism guide director KM Bachchu said, ‘We have 20 tourism boats here. Each boat has 40 staff. Boat owners are worried about how to pay their staff. If the strike continues like this, the staff will be retrenched. Kuakata tourism related businessmen requested the government and the opposition party to solve the current political problem on the basis of compromise. Kuakata Tour Operators Association of Kuakata (TOWAC) President Ruman Imtiaz Tushar said that Kuakata tourism is related to the country’s situation. There was a big shock at the beginning of the season.

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