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Egg-potato prices have decreased slightly

Egg-potato prices have decreased slightly
Egg-potato prices have decreased slightly

After the arrival of imported eggs in the country, their prices have decreased slightly. At the wholesale level, the price of eggs per 100 pieces has decreased by Rs. 90. This has affected the retail level. In the market now, a dozen farm chicken eggs are being sold at retail level at Tk 145 to Tk 150 per dozen. Currently selling at 50 rupees. Similarly, the price of potatoes has also decreased.

However, wholesale and retail traders claim that prices are falling due to imports, not so. Their argument is that the winter season has started. Beans, Radishes, New Potatoes, Cauliflower, Cabbage and many other winter vegetables have arrived in the market. Their prices have also started to come down. Due to these reasons, the demand for eggs is less than before. As a result, prices have fallen.

The Ministry of Commerce allowed the import of 4 crore eggs in the first phase on September 18 to control the price after the dozen of eggs became Tk 170. After that, in two more rounds, 6 crore and 5 crore eggs were allowed to be imported respectively. About 62,000 eggs arrived in the country from India in the first shipment a month and a half after permission was granted.

After eggs, the government also allowed the import of potatoes. So far more than one and a half lakh tonnes of potatoes have been allowed to be imported. 2 thousand 700 tons have been imported since last Thursday till today. Prices have started to come down due to the arrival of two types of potatoes in the market – Indian potatoes and indigenous new potatoes. At the retail level, a kg of potato is being sold at around Tk 50.

The wholesale traders of Tejgaon’s egg market are selling eggs for 1000 pieces at 1000 to 1000 rupees. A few days ago it was 1 thousand 140 to 1 thousand 1160 taka. That is, the price of every 100 pieces of eggs has decreased by 90 taka. This is starting to have an impact on the retail market.

Jahangir Alam, a businessman of Karwan Bazar, told Samakal that people buy eggs from nearby shops instead of going to the market during rain and clouds. This increases the demand for eggs. As a result, the price also increased. Now winter has started. Winter vegetables have started arriving in the market. Many are buying fresh vegetables. As a result, the demand for eggs has decreased. Due to this, the price is also decreasing. However, he thinks that imports also have some effect in reducing prices.

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