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Two special trains will run from today

Two special trains will run from today
Two special trains will run from today

The pressure of passengers is increasing every day in Uttara-Motijheel metro rail service of the capital. The pressure of passengers going to Secretariat and Motijheel from Uttara North station is seen more. Metrorail runs for four hours from 7:30 AM to 11:30 PM every day from Uttara-Motijheel. Passengers demand to extend this time. Meanwhile, the metro rail authority will operate two special trains from Uttara to Motijheel due to high passenger pressure. This special train is starting from today Wednesday. At 7:10 AM and 7:20 AM, Uttara will leave from North Metro Station for Motijheel. Sources of Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) said that only MRT pass holder passengers can travel in these two trains.
DMTCL managing director MAN Chiddik told Janakantha, “All stations in Motijheel section will be commissioned within the next three months. Then the metro rail running time will be extended. However, at this moment, it will run to Motijheel every 10 minutes for four hours. However, two special trains have been arranged for those who have MRT passes. These two trains will leave from Uttara North station for Motijheel at 7:10am and 7:20am every morning. Besides, MRT pass passengers can return to Metrorail from Motijheel till 12 noon. He said that the metro stations will be opened in phases.
On the surface of the Secretariat Metro Station, it was seen that every metro train departing from Uttara Uttar station and going to Secretariat and Motijheel was crowded with passengers. The pressure of passengers on the metro rail was more on Tuesday than in the last two days. Passengers said that most of them work in offices and courts.
Meanwhile, as the metro rail service has been started up to Motijheel, the passengers on Mirpur route buses have reduced, the drivers said. A driver of Shikar Paribahan named Amin told Janakantha, ‘Passengers have decreased a bit. Besides, many people do not take to the streets due to the blockade. So the bus does not get many passengers. Due to the launch of Metrorail, many passengers now travel by Motijheel train from Mirpur. Earlier where 50 buses used to run. He said that 10-15 buses are running now.

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