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The body sat up, asked for water and played! Then?

The body sat up, asked for water and played! Then?
The body sat up, asked for water and played! Then?

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No matter how many strange things happen in this strange world. Most of which are unexplained. On Monday (November 6), one such strange incident happened in Vatar, East Burdwan, India. A corpse sat up, water also played! What happened then?

According to the family, a youth named Chhotan Sardar was declared dead from the hospital. The body was then taken home. But the body suddenly moved in the house. Eats sitting up and asking for water. Then there was no response. Freezes again.

That is the family’s claim. However, the hospital authorities claim that baseless words are being said. It was brought dead. But as soon as the doctor spoke about the autopsy, the family members tried to run away with the body.

According to the family, Chhotan had chest pain around three in the morning on Monday. He was then taken to the hospital. He was discharged from the government hospital with medicines and injections. Then the young man fell ill again in the middle of the road.

Chhotan started hiccups. The family is in trouble. Gradually his condition started to deteriorate. Again he was taken to the government hospital. Doctors declared the young man dead. Naturally, tears followed.

The family took the body home. They claimed that the body was covered with white cloth. Suddenly the ‘corpse’ boy wants water. But he is dead! The family claims that he even drank that water.

But then there was no response. However, the family members wanted to make a last effort. A last ditch effort was made to get him to the hospital once more. However, at the last moment, the family members did not hope to be taken to the government hospital.

An attempt was then made to take Chhotan to Burdwan Medical College Hospital, the family claimed. But then his frozen body did not move. As a result, Chhotan was cremated on Monday.

(Dhaka Times/07 November/AJ)

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