Maa Kali blocked the way to listen to whose song? – how maa kali appeared before ramprasad sen myth

Maa Kali blocked the way to listen to whose song? – how maa kali appeared before ramprasad sen myth
Maa Kali blocked the way to listen to whose song? – how maa kali appeared before ramprasad sen myth

It was late that day. Mother should be entertained, Mother should be sung… Kalisadhak Ramprasad was going to bathe in the Ganges almost running. A little before the Ganga ghat, a dark-skinned girl stood in his way. Thick black hair curled up to the waist, piercing eyes… in a bit of Abdar’s tone he said, ‘don’t listen…everyone says you sing very well, will you sing me a song…?’. Ramprasad didn’t have time to catch his breath, he said to the girl in a pleading tone, ‘Mother… I am in a hurry today, Ma’s puja is left… You should come to my house, I will sing you after finishing Ma’s puja’. . The girl laughed and said, ‘Who is your mother?’ Ramprasad said, ‘Syama Maa… Mother of us all… Kali’.

‘He will listen to Kali Tagore and then listen to me? Can’t hear now? Well, fine, you go… I’ll just go listen to your music’.
Ramprasad did not stand any longer, he had no time left. Rama Prasad returned home after finishing the Ganga bath in a kind of running and sat for Shyama Puja.
He used to lose himself while doing puja, at that time he had spiritual contact with Shyama Maa. As if mother really came before him and accepted his puja, listened to his songs. Ramprasad closed his eyes and sang…
Why do you think so much?

Once Kali says sit and meditate…
If you show splendor, worship becomes pride in your mind,
You will worship him secretly, you will not know, Jagajjane’.

Being united with the melody of the song, it is as if the saint is engrossed in his pursuit, the pursuit of which is his music, but what is Bivore Ramprasad seeing in the song! As if he could not believe his own eyes, he suddenly stopped singing and cried loudly… In front of his eyes, the beautiful Shyama Ma, with a beautiful form, is standing. That girl who met at the ghats of the Ganges is listening to his music with rapt attention. The girl seems to be saying to him, ‘What the hell… sing, I have come to listen to your song’.

Ramprasad’s eyes were welling with tears… he folded his hands and said to his mother, “Mother… I did not recognize you, you were the one who blocked my path at the Ganga Ghats, you wanted to hear my song… I will listen to you, mother.” , today I will sing you many songs’. Ramprasad sang…

‘Mama will tell you again and again how much sadness is floating in the sky like the algae of a river’.

This extraordinary example of matri Sadhana through music is rare in the world. Ramprasad’s music was not only a means of devotional expression, but through this music he brightened the Bengali language and also enriched the Bengali culture. Not only the people of Halishahar but also the people of Bengal were swayed by the melody of his songs, their voices joined in his music. King Krishnachandra wanted to give him a place in his royal court, but he flatly rejected the offer because his mother Shyama was the first and last word in the life of Sadhak Ramprasad. Between him and Shyama Maa, the king, the landlord, the subject Ashaya or Kashi Varanasi would have become insignificant. Once Sadhak Ramprasad wished, he would sit on the ghat of Varanasi and sing to Mother Annapurna. He left for Kashi-Baransi without delay. Resting at the ghat of Triveni on the way, he sat on the banks of the Ganga and sang in a loud voice. After a while, a woman’s voice suddenly came to his ears… ‘Oh, you have to cough to make me sing? I live in the heart of the devotee, look into the soul, you will see me sitting there listening to your song. And Ramprasad did not waste time. He came back to Halishahar from Triveni and made that memorable song…

‘And the work is my cough
lying at the mother’s feet
Gaya, Ganges, Varanasi’.

Voice: Rupsa Roy

The article is in Bengali

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