US and Israel signal the opening of a second front in Lebanon

US and Israel signal the opening of a second front in Lebanon
US and Israel signal the opening of a second front in Lebanon

The US Central Command or CENTCOM is headquartered in Doha. On Sunday night, CENTCOM announced that the Ohio nuclear submarine was approaching its ‘area of ​​operations’. Due to this announcement, the Palestinian-Israeli situation is going from bad to worse. News of the use of submarines is generally rarely disclosed. However, Centcom did not provide any additional information. From the photos they provided, it appears to be located near the Suez Canal in Egypt. Interestingly, CENTCOM also separately released images of nuclear-capable B-1 bombers stationed in the Middle East.
The juxtaposition of both of them is worth noting. Two aircraft carriers and hundreds of modern warships are already deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea. That is why ‘different equations are also coming forward’. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made scathing remarks about Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran during a visit to Israel on Friday.

Blinken visited Palestine from Jordan. During this visit, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told him that the Palestinian Authority was ready to take full responsibility for the Gaza Strip only to ‘solve the larger political problem’; This would include the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Moreover, that security and peace will only come when the ‘State of Palestine’ is free of occupation and recognizes East Jerusalem as its capital. The meeting lasted less than an hour and ended without public comment.

The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia, mediated by Beijing, has certainly given a different dimension to the regional security equation. There, regional countries are giving priority to solving their own problems without outside interference. Most importantly, the old divisions created by the United States and the atmosphere of xenophobia and xenophobia among them.
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The death toll in Israeli attacks on Gaza has exceeded 10,000. The grief of this death must be great in the Muslim world. Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said, ‘All the evidence and indications show – the US has a direct hand in this war.’ Khamenei also said that as the war continues, the direct role of the United States will become more apparent. Fars news agency, known to be close to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, also said that Khamenei had a meeting with Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of Hamas, in Tehran. There, Khamenei told the Hamas leader that it was Iran’s “permanent policy” to help resistance groups like Hamas. Tehran sees no problem in acknowledging Iran’s fraternal relationship with these resistance groups. This is indicative of massive change. Due to the use of force by the United States and Israel, they have been forced to fight unitedly. Washington’s diplomacy has also thwarted efforts to isolate Iran.

No power in the world can stop Israel now. Because both its stability and defense are inextricably linked to this war and it is under the protection of the United States. That is why Israel wants to increase the war for the sake of survival. Their goal is to spread this fire in Lebanon and Syria and fight shoulder to shoulder with the Americans.

A US nuclear submarine is stationed east of the Suez Canal. This is an attempt to intimidate Iran so that it cannot intervene. Especially as Israel moves to open a second front in Lebanon with the support of the United States. The Israeli administration has already announced the evacuation of people from settlements up to five kilometers from the border with Lebanon. That means, an indefinite war is about to start in the Middle East. It is not known how the 80-year-old American president will deal with the situation when the call for jihad is starting now.

MK Bhadrakumar: Former Indian diplomat and political analyst; Abridged from Indian Punchline by Mahfuzur Rahman Manik

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