The cash dollar in the bank is 116 rupees maximum

The cash dollar in the bank is 116 rupees maximum
The cash dollar in the bank is 116 rupees maximum

The maximum price of cash dollar in banks has increased by another rupee. On Tuesday, its price rose to 116 rupees in a private sector bank. On Monday, the dollar was sold at a maximum rate of 115 rupees in a bank.

Dollars were sold at 115 rupees in 6 banks on Tuesday. Cash dollars are being sold at 114 taka and above in 16 banks. Cash dollar crisis in banks has become evident. That’s why its price is increasing.

However, the Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers Association (BAFEDA) does not control the price of the cash dollar. As a result, in this case, the banks can set their own buying and selling prices. They are making an average profit of Rs.1 to Rs.2 per dollar. But due to the dollar crisis, the cash dollar flow in the banks is very less. That’s why transactions are less.

Meanwhile, the flow of cash dollars in the banks is less, but the flow of dollars has increased again in the open market. At the same time, the price has also increased. On Tuesday, as on Monday, the dollar was sold at a maximum of 122 rupees in the open market. However, in some cases, the price of 120 to 121 taka has been sold.

On Tuesday, private sector One Bank sold cash dollars at the highest rate of Tk 116. They bought at 115 rupees per dollar. On this day, Uttara, Union, Social Islami, NRB, Al Arafah and BRAC Bank sold a maximum of 115 rupees per dollar. AB Bank sold the highest rate of 14 taka 90 paisa and 114 taka 65 paisa. Their profit is 25 paisa per dollar. Average purchase price per dollar in banks is 112 taka 67 paisa and selling price is 113 taka 80 paisa.

Meanwhile, the dollar flow in the open market has started to increase again. If you buy more dollars together, the serial form of the bundle also matches the dollars. The reason for this is that the difference between the dollar price of the bank and the open market is currently 7 to 8 taka. As a result, most of the cash dollars coming into the country through foreigners and expatriates are going to the open market. Less is going to the bank.

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