Death of BNP leader who was shot

Death of BNP leader who was shot
Death of BNP leader who was shot

A BNP leader died after being shot in the attack on RAB’s patrol team in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar.

His family said that he died while undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical College (CHMEC) hospital on Tuesday morning.

Jagir Hossain (38), who was shot dead, was the co-organizing secretary of Ward No. 1 of Jaliapalong Union BNP. He died in the village of Pinashia. Alam’s son

Confirming the news of death, Jagir’s nephew Shihab Uddin told the media that his uncle (Jagir) was shot in the stomach during the attack on Sunday. He was then admitted to Chamek Hospital. He died there while undergoing treatment. He has a wife and two children.

The attack took place at Jaliapalang Painasia area of ​​Ukhia around 10 pm on Sunday. RAB filed a case against 42 BNP activists in connection with the attack on Tuesday morning.

RAB claims that this surprise attack was carried out on RAB under the leadership of BNP leader Sultan Mahmud.

Police and local residents said Jagir Hossain is accused number 14 in the case filed by RAB at Ukhia police station. Upazila BNP general secretary Sultan Mahmud Chowdhury was made accused number 1.

According to local and law enforcement sources, BNP leader Sultan Mahmud is the prime accused in a sabotage case. Thinking that RAB had gone to arrest him, Sultan gathered the BNP leaders and activists. Later he ordered them to attack the RAB by inciting them.

Sheikh Mohammad Ali, OC of Ukhia police station, said that a case has been filed against 42 BNP leaders and activists in connection with the attack on RAB. However, no one has been arrested in this case so far.

OC said, I have received information that the injured Jagir Hossain has died in Chamek Hospital.

District BNP President Shahjahan Chowdhury said, BNP has been carrying out peaceful strike-blockade program. But BNP leaders and activists are accused of vandalism and vandalism and are being expelled from the area.

He claimed that common people are getting angry about RAB’s search in the houses of BNP leaders and activists in the name of arresting the accused late at night.

RAB-15 Cox’s Bazar Battalion Senior Assistant Director (Law and Media) and Additional Superintendent of Police Md. Abu Salam Chowdhury said that a patrol team of RAB 15 was patrolling the road to prevent vandalism around 10 o’clock on Sunday night. A RAB vehicle was passing by BNP leader Sultan Mahmud’s house as part of a regular patrol. At that time, terrorists led by BNP leader Sultan Mahmud, the main accused in a sabotage case, attacked the RAB first by throwing bricks and then fired at the RAB. At this time, a car of RAB was damaged. Later RAB also fired a few rounds of blank bullets to control the situation.

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