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73 crore property of the alleged ‘don’ Mithu of the health department has been seized

73 crore property of the alleged ‘don’ Mithu of the health department has been seized
73 crore property of the alleged ‘don’ Mithu of the health department has been seized

In connection with embezzlement of hundreds of crores of taka in the name of supply of goods and development work in various hospitals and institutions, the court has ordered the seizure of properties worth 73 crore taka in Rangpur and Dhaka of the alleged ‘don’ of the health department, Motazzerul Islam Mithur. He has also been banned from traveling abroad.

The court gave this order in view of the application of Anti-Corruption Commission. ACC investigating officer Deputy Director Moshiur Rahman confirmed the matter.

Meanwhile, 12 properties including a luxury house in Mithur Rangpur have been seized, but it has been alleged that the 10-storey luxury building in the elite area of ​​the city is not in this list. According to ACC sources, Mithu came to Dhaka a few days ago after fleeing abroad for a long time and also stayed in Rangpur city for some time. The court has imposed a ban on his departure so that he cannot escape again by water, land or air.

The source also said that the house of Motajjerul Islam Mithu, who is known as a scoundrel, is in Mohipur of Gangachara Upazila of Rangpur. They had no wealth other than their ancestral tinshed half-baked house in the Dhap Medical East Gate area. Suddenly, with the help of an influential person, Rangpur Medical College and Hospital provided various medical supplies to its rise. His business partner then was a family member of an influential person. After that, there was no looking back. At one stage, Mithu became the uncrowned emperor in various institutions including most medical colleges and hospitals across the country.

He then started controlling the contracting business exclusively. Major officials of the Department of Health were hostage to his power. If a big official joined the health department, a briefcase worth five to ten crores would reach his home. The situation reached such a level that Mithu used to come to Rangpur in a helicopter with the country’s big bosses.

According to the ACC sources, this Mithu is the owner of various misdemeanors including syndicated supply of low-quality goods at very high prices by establishing a single authority of the health department, not supplying the goods as per the terms of the tender, collecting bills without supplying the goods in most cases, supplying unnecessary and unwanted goods. . He Kurmitola General Hospital Dhaka, Dinajpur Medical College Hospital, Rangpur Medical College Hospital, Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Barisal Medical College Hospital, Mugda General Hospital, Moulvibazar General Hospital, Gopalganj General Hospital, IHT Sylhet, Dhaka Dental College, Dhaka Dental Hospital CMSD. Hundreds of crores of rupees have been looted in the name of supplying goods to hospitals.

A responsible officer of the ACC said that Mithu has become the owner of huge wealth in different parts of the country including Dhaka through irregularities, corruption and looting. Apart from this, he has built a mountain of illegal wealth by smuggling thousands of rupees to different countries including America, Australia, Singapore. ACC has received information about his assets of 73 crore 74 lakh 71 thousand seven hundred and 38 rupees in different places in the country.

In this regard, Moshiur Rahman, the investigating officer of the ACC, said that the preliminary information found on his properties in various places including Rangpur and Dhaka and to recover the money smuggled abroad, Dhaka Metropolitan Senior Special Judge Md. When Asaduzzaman applied to the court, the learned judge ordered confiscation of property worth 73 crore rupees and ban on emigration.

Assets for which confiscation has been ordered

House No. 4/A Road 4 Banani VOHS Dhaka, 5 Katha Land and Five Storey House, House No. 46 Road 10 Sector 6 Uttara Dhaka, 5.25 Katha Land and Four Storey House, House No. 10 Road No. 7 Sector 5 Uttara Six Storey House, Flat 1/3/1 House 8 Road 6 Block C Banani Dhaka, 1825 Sqft Flat, Subastu Firozha Villa, Apartment No 7/A Road 35 Gulshan Residential Area Dhaka, 3725 Sqft Flat & 2 Car Parking, Regal Heights Flat F/4 House 1 Dakshin Kalyanpur Dhaka, 1583 Sqft Flat, Subastu Nazarvalley Project No 3 Tower Apartment No 6/C, Holding No C Pragti Sarani Gulshan Dhaka, 585 Sqft Flat, Plot 25 & Plot 23 Sector 15C Road No 2/C Uttara Dhaka, 3 Katha 2 Plot, 2 bigha land in Tongi area, own house worth several crores in Rangpur Burirhat Road Dhap area. 8 cents of land in Kobaru area of ​​Rangpur Sadar, 75 cents of land in Chabbis Hazari area, 27.50 cents of land in Kobaru area, 3 cents of land in Burirhat Road, 10 cents of land in Manthana area of ​​the city.

The price of luxury house in Burirhat area of ​​the city is shown at Tk 1 crore 15 lakh. The price of land in that area is 35 to 40 lakh per cent. As such, the price of the house including the 68th century land will be at least 20 crore rupees. Apart from this, the city has more than 15 bighas of land suitable for building houses in Binodpur, Darshana, Deodoba areas.

On the other hand, the elite area of ​​Rangpur city is a 10-storey Alishan building on the 12th century land. Although there is a signboard of Kachir Uddin Medical College and Hospital, the activities have not started there yet. However, there are doctors’ chambers up to the second floor. According to the government rate in Dhap area, land is being sold at Tk. 25 lakh per hundred, but it is said that per hundred land is being sold for Tk.

Moshiur Rahman, deputy director of the ACC, who investigated this matter, said that the value of the properties ordered by the court to be confiscated was initially determined according to the government rate, but the market rate is much higher. He said, ‘By mistake, the 10-storey building in Dhap area was not brought under the CROC. However, Croce will be appealing to the court soon. Mithu fled abroad for a long time. We are confirmed to have recently arrived in the country. The court has granted an injunction to prevent him from escaping abroad secretly.’ He also said that various intelligence agencies are working to arrest him.

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