6 people in jail in Fatulla murder case

6 people in jail in Fatulla murder case
6 people in jail in Fatulla murder case

6 accused in the case of beating to death of a youth named Babu in Baktabali of Fatulla of Narayanganj Sadar Upazila are in jail. When they appeared in the lower court with bail from the high court, the court ordered them to be sent to jail.

On Tuesday (November 7) morning, the 6 accused in the murder of Baktabali Babu appeared in court and were sent to jail.

The accused who went to jail are Abdur Rahman Halim, Rakib, Rakayet, Arif, Munnaf, Motaleb. They are all accused in the Babu murder case.

Narayanganj Court Police Inspector Asaduzzaman confirmed the matter and said that the accused in the Babu murder case of Fatulla Model Police Station was on bail from the High Court. After the expiry of the bail period, when 6 defendants appeared in the Narayanganj court, they were ordered to be sent to jail.

According to the source of the case, a young man named Babu was beaten and hacked to death in a clash between two groups in a local arbitral meeting between the two parties regarding the land dispute at Kananagar Bekari intersection of Baktavali, Fatulla. And Halim, Asadullah Gangra among Shalisi speak excitingly.

When Salahuddin, Dadan Ghazi Ganga protested, an argument started between them. At one stage Halim, Arif, Ashadullah Gongra attacked the opponent with indigenous weapons including Ram, Chapati, Bugi, Hockey stick in a very short time due to pre-planning. Later the two sides clashed. Babu died after being treated at Dhaka Medical Hospital after being attacked by Halim Gong.

In this incident, Moushumi, the elder sister of the deceased, filed a murder case at Fatullah Model Police Station, mentioning the names of 16 people including Abdur Rahman Halim, Arif, Ashadullah, Rakib, Alal. Later, 6 accused came back to the area after getting bail from High Kot.

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