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Where is that BNP now, where has the leap gone: Obaidul Quader

Where is that BNP now, where has the leap gone: Obaidul Quader
Where is that BNP now, where has the leap gone: Obaidul Quader

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader said, ‘BNIPOR founder Ziaur Rahman used to order hanging while eating dinner. Where are Ziaur Rahman’s successors today? They are sitting in the liberation war of Bangladesh by killing, plotting and plotting.’

Obaidul Quader said, ‘Where is that BNP now? Where did the jump go? Where did the excess go? Today I want to ask the question, whose day is November 7? BNP… what day? National day? The party also postponed the National Day program. They are cowards like them…, they don’t deserve to do politics.’

He made this comment in a discussion meeting organized by Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League on the occasion of ‘Freedom Soldier Killing Day’ on Tuesday (November 7) afternoon.

Obaidul Kader asked, ‘Am I lying? Their day, their national day, their revolution and solidarity day. They do not even dare to visit the shrine of their party founder Ziaur Rahman. Is it okay for these cowards to do politics? Their courage to protest is understood here! The 28th (October) passed. Ah-ha-re how many dreams, Amir Khosrow will drop in Karnaphuli on 28th, on that 28th, Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the first under-river tunnel in South Asia. where now? All fled. Standing in Nayapaltan, they said, Awami League is running away, Sheikh Hasina is running away. Sheikh Hasina is now performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Who are you, where? Why today in prison? Those in prison, they cannot deny responsibility.’

The bridge minister said, ‘After fighting with the police, brutally killing a policeman, attacking the policeman…, at that time Mirza Fakhrul thought, oh the situation is bad. At that moment Mirza Fakhrul Sahib jumped down. Look here, look there; Gayeshwar babu no. Look there, there is no Amir Khusru. There is no leader inside the gate, Noman Saheb. The poor man ran faster than Saladin in Demra. Hand announced the program on the mic, then the whole stage was empty. 28th (October) saw the fall of Sheikh Hasina, and your stage fell. There is no news, they are fleeing in an alley, cannot be entered through any street in Dhaka city, the way they are escaping. He runs away here, runs away there, whoever goes to his house and runs away says I am Awami League. Many such incidents have happened.’

If you burn a bus, 3000 taka will be given – referring to the announcement of BNP, he added, ‘If you call with fire, 3000 taka will go to the mobile phone. Now it has doubled again. Because, several cars were burnt and caught. Their leaders have taught them to attack the Chief Justice’s residence.

Speaking with the Home Minister yesterday, Obaidul Quader said, ‘He himself said that I will take care. So that no innocent person is caught without the criminal. It is infamous. Why do we take this bad name? Those who are guilty must be punished.’

It doesn’t matter which union, which country made the statement, he said, ‘According to the law of my country, I cannot prosecute the criminal of my country, is this a democracy? Where did this order come from? The criminal of my country, the murderer of my country can’t be tried, can’t send him to jail…. There is a court, he will be released from the court if he is safe. We have an independent judiciary.’

Obaidul Quader said, ‘November 7 is your number one national day. This is your rising day. Those who are so afraid to celebrate that day, will they wipe out the Awami League? They (BNP) are enough to destroy themselves. Awami League is not needed here. Where are their programs? Last night the resident representative announced that the program would not take place. It also said that Ziaur Rahman’s shrine will not be visited. What should the team do? Awami League’s time for intimidation has not yet come, it has just begun. I have also taken a peaceful stand. This closed November 7. They canceled their program due to fear of seeing some processions in Dhaka city. Which party are they? Can they move? Their movement is fake. If Sheikh Hasina is to be removed, you will be removed.’

Awami League presidium member Advocate Jahangir Kabir Nanak, Joint General Secretary Dr. Dipu Moni, Organizing Secretary Mirza Azam and others. Humayun Kabir, general secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League moderated the discussion meeting.

The article is in Bengali

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