People are out on the streets, this time it will not take much time to change: Dr. Taher

People are out on the streets, this time it will not take much time to change: Dr. Taher
People are out on the streets, this time it will not take much time to change: Dr. Taher

Struggle Online : Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Central Nayeb Amir former MP Dr. Syed Abdullah Md. Taher said that most of the people of the country did not get the opportunity to vote in the 2014 and 2018 elections. Through this the current government has become a minority government. Thus the rule of the minority people can never get legitimacy without the opinion of the majority people. History is witness, they will pay for it. He said, on November 7, 1975, the will of the majority of the people of the country was reflected. Common people came out spontaneously. So today, according to the demand, people have come out on the streets, it will not take much time for change, inshallah.

He said this in the virtual discussion meeting organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Dhaka Metropolitan South on the occasion of National Revolution and Solidarity Day on Tuesday morning. Central Executive Council Member and Dhaka Metropolitan South President Nurul Islam Bulbul presided over by Central Working Council Member and Dhaka Metropolitan South Secretary Dr. Bangladesh Welfare Party Chairman Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Bir Prateek was the main discussant in the meeting conducted by Shafiqul Islam Masud. Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Maulana Abdul Halim was the special guest. Jamaat-e-Islami Dhaka Metropolitan South Naib Ameer Abdus Sabur Fakir, Advocate Dr. Helal Uddin, Assistant Secretary Delawar Hossain, Kamal Hossain, Dr. Abdul Mannan.

While describing the context of National Revolution and Solidarity Day, Dr. Syed Abdullah Md. Taher said, on November 7, the motto of the unity of the sepoy people was the sound of Naraye Takbir-Allahu Akbar. He said that the government was run from 1972-75 beyond the faith of the majority of the people of the country. Where there was no reflection of public opinion.

He said, there was no leadership on November 7. Yet people spontaneously took to the streets. The sound of naraye takbeer was everywhere. It was the sound of everyone’s heart. It’s not just a slogan, it’s a belief. On the basis of this belief, the path of the Muslim. He also said that there was no opportunity to practice Islam in 72-75. All Islamic groups were banned then. Not only Jamaat-e-Islami, but also Nezam Islam, Khilafat Rabbani, Muslim League were banned. There was no power to speak for Islam. But it was all over the human heart. No one could delete it from there.

Dr. Taher said, people’s beliefs can never be changed. Whenever the opportunity comes, it reflects. People are waiting for an opportunity to establish this country as an Islamic welfare state. He said the government is in power unjustly and unconstitutionally. Its change is now urgent. How history has changed over the course of history. We have to come down to the streets with that tradition.

Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Bir Prateek said that Jasd’s plan on November 7 will lead the country to socialism. But their conspiracy did not succeed as the sepoy crowd unitedly came down on the streets. He said that the then army chief Major General Ziaur Rahman took the right decision for the nation. It is rare to find an army chief like him. The country’s independence was under threat that day. If the sepoy people had not been successful that day, if the continuation of November 3 had continued, then it is easy to understand where the country would be today. He said, look at the prevailing political situation. What can we do? What should be done? He mentioned that everyone should be united in the crisis of the country. The country must be protected. The right to vote should be returned to the people.

Maulana Abdul Halim said, the motto of freedom was democracy. Why is November 7? Because at that time Bakshal was established excluding all parties. All but 4 newspapers were shut down and the voice of the press was suppressed. All Islamic groups are banned. People’s rights were violated. Rakshibahini was formed as opposed to army and police forces. He said, the picture of 72-75 still prevails. The first crossfire was introduced in Bangladesh with the assassination of Siraj Shikder. Now missing again, the murders have started. Planned killings were adopted. Many leaders and activists of the opposition party cannot be traced. 72-75 tactics have been adopted to suppress the movement. The country has been moved in that direction in the last 15 years. He mentioned, ‘Naraye Takbir’ was the spirit of November 7. He called on everyone to play a united role to establish the right of the people of the country to vote, uphold the independence and sovereignty.

In the president’s speech, Nurul Islam Bulbul said, November 7 is the day of rebirth and reconstruction of our nation. On November 7, the sepoy-janata freed the nation from one-party rule and gifted multi-party rule. 7th November is a glorious and historic day. On this day, due to the joint and struggling role of the sepoys, Bangladesh as the second largest Muslim country, the recognition of Islam as a nation state was able to be established in the court of the world. Along the way, the constitution added ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’, imported secularism, ‘faith and absolute trust in Allah as the source of all actions’ and ‘social justice’ instead of socialism. Along the way, the nation was able to establish a multi-party parliamentary democracy freed from the shackles of one-party rule. Originally: November 7 is the day of rebirth and reconstruction of our nation. He said, November 7 is not just any day, this day is the day of unity and solidarity of soldiers and people. The unity and solidarity that is able to foil the big conspiracies against this country, is able to establish the self-identity of the people of this country. On November 3, 1975, the coup led by Khaled Musharraf began a conspiracy to turn back the clock again. The conspiracy was foiled on November 7. On November 7, the sound echo of Kalima Tayyaba became a celebration of the renaissance of Islamic nationhood. He said, Bangladesh today is immersed in the cycle of deep crisis. The rule of law is subverted, democracy is exiled and human rights are endangered. The government has been abusing state machinery and power to restrict all fundamental rights including democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech, individual and press. On that day, with the sound of Takbir Allahu Akbar, how the country and the people who love Islam united against dictatorship, exploitation and oppression, re-established multi-party democracy instead of one-party rule in Bangladesh. We have to play a united role in facing all hegemonic forces in the future as well.

Amir Abdus Sabur Fakir, Naib of Dhaka Metropolitan South, said that Islamic Tahjib and Tamuddun were subordinated in this country. Through the revolution of November 7, the freedom of Islamic Tahjib and Tamuddun was again manifested in this country. In 1971 we got a map but not yet real freedom. We still have to fight for democracy. Those who are paid with our tax money are bleeding us with bullets bought with our tax money. We have to kill for rice for our votes. What can be more cruel irony in the name of freedom!

Advocate Dr. Helal Uddin said, during the regime of 72-75, the country was established by the Baxal, the people were fed up with the anarchy of terror, the people’s voices were suppressed by closing the newspapers. To escape from such a situation, the sepoy people revolutionized. He said, such a situation is seen in the country today. People are not safe anywhere. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. So everyone should get down on the streets in unity.

Dr. Shafiqul Islam Masud said, Bangladesh is immersed in deep darkness. 7 people have already been killed. These killings are being organized after the provocative statements of the rulers. Common people, public representatives are not spared. In order to stop the spontaneous movement of the people, tactics have been adopted to instill fear among the people. He said, when there is a record of 47 votes in 57 seconds, the nation should not be left to understand, how can the next election be under this government? He mentioned that mass movement can never be stopped by conspiracy.

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