What is the specialty of gold, for which it is sold at such a high price?


Lifestyle Desk: Buying gold and silver jewelery is considered auspicious during the festival of Akshay Tritiya. However, gold is such an expensive metal that not everyone can afford it. But, still people buy according to their condition. Gold has been used since ancient times. In ancient times, everything from the crowns and ornaments of the kings and emperors to the coins were made only of gold.

Even today people are not less interested in gold. Especially women are more interested in saving gold. Gold is one of the most preferred metals in the world. But many people may have a question that why gold is so expensive? What is it about gold that makes this metal so valuable?

In fact, most things that are in short supply in the world are usually expensive. One such metal is gold. It is found in very small quantities in nature, so it becomes extra valuable. Although gold is free from nature, the process of extracting pure gold from gold ore is very expensive, so the price of gold is very high.

Most people don’t know that gold can be found in the sea too. But, the process of extracting gold from the sea is very expensive and difficult. Also, gold is a yellow colored lustrous and very beautiful metal. Beautiful things are always appreciated. Thus, the luster and beauty of gold is also a major reason why it is expensive. Gold does not rust like other metals.

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From fashion, decoration to art, its use is always at its peak. The fact is that the price of gold is not determined by any individual or company, rather it depends on the cost of mining and refining it. As a result, the graph of gold prices is always on the high side.

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