Raima Sen birthday : Raima Sen is shooting a hindi movie in Mumbai on her birthday

Raima Sen birthday : Raima Sen is shooting a hindi movie in Mumbai on her birthday
Raima Sen birthday : Raima Sen is shooting a hindi movie in Mumbai on her birthday
Raima Sen is shooting a Hindi movie in Mumbai on her birthday. The shooting of his Bengali web series is going on in the city. Details on ‘Another Prime Time’

Sundari’s birthday is today. Raima Sen likes to be in the city on her birthday. He likes to cut cakes and party with friends. But this time there is no chance. He is very busy since Durga Puja. He was shooting for the web series ‘Kalank’ in Bengal. Had to leave for Mumbai again yesterday. For what reason? Raima did not break it.

However, he is busy with the shooting of Charcha Sudipta Sen’s next film ‘Bastar’ in Bollywood. It has been announced that Adaa Sharma will be seen in this film. ‘The Kerala Story’ directed by Sudeep Sen is one of the hits of the year. That means Raima is managing two shooting schedules simultaneously in Tollywood and Bollywood. Which birthday cake do you prefer? Raima said, ‘My favorite chocolate cake yet’.

He also said that since he cannot be in the city on his birthday, he cannot celebrate his birthday that well.
Coming to the word of ‘stigma’. Sahana Dutt developed this web series. Abhimanyu Mukherjee is in charge of directing. How is the story? Chaiti and Rangan are college friends. They have been in a progressive marriage for two decades.

But a sudden incident made them question. Can they maintain a healthy family life? Or will the time ahead be more difficult? This is the web series. Here Raima will be seen as Chaiti. Rangan and Chaiti have two children. They have an understanding that if they fall in love with someone despite being married, they will not hide it from each other. Truth and friendship, this is what they put forward.

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But when Rangan falls in love with someone else, Chaiti can’t take it anymore. Chaiti tells Rangan to lie to him. Rangan starts lying. But then some hints started coming to Chaiti. If you want to know the solution to the mystery of what is the hint, who is giving the hint, you have to keep an eye on the web series. Listening to the story, it seems that reality has been brought up.

There are many marriages in this city where the wife knows her husband is in another love. Either he has digested it, or he is fuming because he can’t digest it. Raima did the web series ‘Hello’ with the famous OTT platform of Tollypara. At that time there were not so many OTT platforms and web series in Bengal. The actress is again working with that platform after a long break.

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Raima said, ‘Several film or web series scripts come to me. But if it seems that I have nothing new to do in the character, then I don’t. This story is different. Ever since ‘Halo’, Sahana has given me roles that matter. So again I thought of working in Bengali web series’. In the web series, one of the top actors of Tollypara will be seen opposite Raima. It is not being made public right now. However, how his pairing with Raima is going to be seen.

The article is in Bengali

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