This time also the trump card of power is in the hands of Jatiya Party:

This time also the trump card of power is in the hands of Jatiya Party:
This time also the trump card of power is in the hands of Jatiya Party:

Dhaka: Syed Abu Hossain Babla, co-chairman of the party and president of Dhaka Metropolitan South Jatiya Party, said that the trump card to come to power in the next 12th National Assembly elections will be in the hands of the party.

She said this at a women’s rally organized by Jatiya Mahila Party of Shyampur-Kadamatoli Thana at Jurain Railway Gate in her constituency on Tuesday (November 7) afternoon.

Babla said that the Jatiya Party has always done politics for democracy, development and peace and against violence. The Jatiya Party believes that elections are the only means of changing state power. As always, the trump card of coming to power in the upcoming 12th national parliament election will be in the hands of Jatiya Party.

He said that in the 1980s, when I was an MP, with the cooperation of Hussain Muhammad Ershad, I had developed in Greater Dhaka-4, in the past 10 years, with the sincere cooperation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, I have completed extensive development work in every ward of Shyampur-Kadamtali. We have adopted zero tolerance policy regarding terrorism, drugs, juvenile gangs, extortion and other criminal activities in Dhaka-4 area.

He also said, I don’t know how much I have been able to do for the people of Shyampur-Kadamtali. But this much I can safely say I have not caused any disturbance. Although I may not have benefited many, I have never harmed anyone. I have arranged for people to sleep peacefully in my constituency. With the help of the administration, we have made arrangements for the smooth movement of women especially.

Acacia, seeking votes for himself in the rally, said that the victory and defeat of the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections will be determined by the votes of the women’s society. A vote on your plow will take Jatiya Party to the port of victory.

He said that in the current political situation of the country, it is important not to participate in the Jatiya Party elections. The final decision in this regard will be taken by our party chairman Golam Mohammad Quader. He gave instructions to continue the election campaign. Following his instructions, I have continued the plowing campaign in Dhaka-4 Constituency.

Dhaka Metropolitan South Jatiya Mahila Party General Secretary Shahnaz Parveen also addressed the meeting held by Jatiya Party Central Leader MA Sobahan, Sheikh Masuk Rahman, Sharfuddin Ahmed Shipu, Sujan Dey, Shyampur Thana Jatiya Party President Kausar Ahmed, General Secretary Ibrahim Mollah, Kadmatoli Thana. Jatiya Party Joint General Secretary Sultana Ahmed Lipi, Organizing Secretary Babul Hossain Mintu and Jatiya Mahila Party leaders Sayla Rahman, Parul Akhtar, Rubina Akhtar, Shammi Akhtar, Farida Yasmin, Mukta Begum, Lucky Akhtar, Rizhia Akhtar, Mukta Biswas and Parvati Rani Das etc. .

Bangladesh Time: 1752 hours, November 07, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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