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Son-in-law kills mother-in-law out of anger over wife’s ‘alienation’

Son-in-law kills mother-in-law out of anger over wife’s ‘alienation’
Son-in-law kills mother-in-law out of anger over wife’s ‘alienation’

The police have arrested the daughter-in-law of the daughter-in-law for killing her mother-in-law due to her extramarital affair with another man in Debiganj of Panchagarh.

Panchagarh Additional Superintendent of Police Kanak Kumar Das (Crime and Ops) confirmed this information to reporters in a press briefing at his office on Tuesday (November 7). Earlier on Monday around 2.30 pm, after the body of Chinta Rishi (65) was recovered from the septic tank of his own house, the cause of the incident was revealed by police action within 8 hours.

In this incident, the main accused Mukul Chandra Roy and his assistant Mahananda were arrested by the police.

The Superintendent of Police said that about six-seven years ago, Chinta Rishi’s daughter Renu Rishi was married to Mukul Chandra Roy, the son of late Khageshwar Roy, son of Balagram area of ​​Jaldhaka Upazila in neighboring Nilphamari district. After marriage, Renu finds out that her husband has a previous wife. This led to a deterioration in their relationship and Renu divorced her husband and moved in with her mother. After that, when the relationship is normal again, Renu and Mukul start living together. At one stage Renu goes to Gazipur for work. There she fell in love with a man named Al Amin. When Renu’s husband Mukul came to know about the matter, the relationship between the two deteriorated. Recently, Renu Al Amin visited his mother’s house. After knowing the matter, Mukul came to Chinta Rishi’s house to catch them red-handed. Meanwhile, Chinta Rishi divided Renu and Al Amin by a trick before Mukul arrived. In this incident Chinta Rishi supported the girl and there was a quarrel between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law. Later, Mukul threatened to kill Renu and her mother over the phone.

According to the plan, Mukul came to Chinta Rishi’s house at approximately 8 am on October 30. Mukul Chandra Roy stays at his father-in-law’s house at night after eating and drinking at noon and night. Mukul sleeps on the bed of the eastern room and Chinta Rishi sleeps on the bed of the puja room.

That night (October 31) at approximately 12:30 am to 1 am, Mukul went to his mother-in-law’s room and cut Chinta Rishi’s airway while he was sleeping with a sharp knife and cut the right side of his chest and abdomen. After confirming the death of the mother-in-law, Mukul buried the body and blood-soaked kantha in the house’s septic tank. Also covers the floor of the worship room. Then Mukul returned to his home in Jaldhaka around 4 am. Renu Rishi, daughter of the old lady, filed a case of murder in Debiganj Police Station on Tuesday.

It may be noted that Chinta Rishi was missing since last six days. The old woman’s grandson Jeevan and stepson Nepal Rishi came home in the afternoon and found the soil around the septic tank loose. After that they informed the police about the matter and the police recovered the body.

The article is in Bengali

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