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I am this October, I will be next October: Who

I am this October, I will be next October: Who
I am this October, I will be next October: Who

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said that they will remain in power this October and will continue to be in October next year, rejecting the various statements made by BNP leaders regarding the verdict in October.

He said this on Thursday in the meeting of the party’s manifesto formulation committee ahead of the upcoming national elections.

In response to various statements of BNP leaders, Quader said, “Mirza Fakhrul Sahib has said that only how many days are left, where will you go? Mirza Abbas said, they can see the night. They will drive us out, and after a few days they will ask us to leave. It will be. I said yesterday in Tongi, we are here this October, we will be there next October.”

Answering why Awami League wants to stay in power, the leader of the ruling party also cited the example of the United States. He said, “Joe Biden said, ‘I want to be in power again, because Donald Trump in power will actually destroy American democracy. American democracy will be destroyed. No matter my age, I want to be in power again to protect democracy.’

“I (Obaidul Quader) also want to say the same, Sheikh Hasina must be kept in power to protect the democracy of Bangladesh.”

Warning that democracy will be destroyed if BNP comes to power, Kader said, “We have to keep this spirit. Action must be taken in the face of action. There is no use in singing to jasmine flowers here. Grenade explosion at this number 23 in front of me. Standing in front of him, I will sing the song of jasmine flowers? I have to go into action too. Make a manifesto like a dog like a dog.”

Describing the time as ‘difficult’, the Awami League leader said, “We will be able to overcome the difficult time. Because, our party leader is brave and because of his infinite courage we will be able to cross the stormy sea.

“The impact of the Ukraine war is everywhere. We have to keep up with the times and reality. There are tough challenges ahead. We have to overcome these challenges to stay in power.”

The Awami League leader also criticized various statements and actions of the United States regarding the Bangladesh elections. He said, ‘The whole world is in a frenzy over the war in Ukraine, Sudan is being divided into two, women and children are bleeding every day in Palestine, what is happening in our neighbor Myanmar?

“He praised Sheikh Hasina for her humanity by oppressing the Rohingyas. Now our aid is decreasing, going from $12 to $8. How will we drive them? How will they go? We are thinking about these today. Are you so worried about the election of Bangladesh, can’t you stop the naughty boy Israel?”

About the visa policy of the United States, he said, “Restrictions are not our concern. Because we will have an election. Those who obstruct the election will be banned. Go arrest those who will stop, threaten them. Every day there is a different threat, what a strange thing”

Obaidul Quader also suggested making a short manifesto ahead of the election. Said, “Do it in bullet points. There is no need to write a huge book. No one will read such a manifesto. People don’t have time.

“Digital Bangladesh has become smart Bangladesh now. How will smartness come? How will it develop? We have to think about these things.”

(Report first published on Facebook on 28 September 2023: Facebook link)


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