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Pricing of photocopiers at campus shops

Pricing of photocopiers at campus shops
Pricing of photocopiers at campus shops

EB: University authorities have fixed new prices for photocopying and printing in shops inside the campus of Islami University (EB).

Monday (November 6) at 2:30 p.m. Proctor Professor Dr. In the meeting held at the office of Shahadat Hossain Azad, the price was fixed by talking to the photocopy shopkeepers.

In this, instead of two and a half rupees for photocopying, two rupees per page, five rupees per page for printing, ten rupees for scanning and printing for composing on computer have been fixed at rupees 25 rupees.

Assistant proctor at the meeting. Amjad Hossain, Dr. Ariful Islam and Tania Afroz, President of Consumer Youth Bangladesh (CYB) EB Branch Golam Rabbani, General Secretary Rakib Rifat, Organizing Secretary Mashiur Rahman, Office Secretary Takki Wasif and Publicity Secretary Niamatullah Munim and photocopy shopkeepers were present.

In this regard, CYB EB branch president Golam Rabbani said, based on the complaints of the students, the price of print and photocopy has been determined by holding a meeting with the proctoral body and photocopy shopkeepers on the initiative of CYB. Requested to inform us if anyone is charging more than the fixed price.

Bangladesh Time: 1628 hours, November 07, 2023

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The article is in Bengali

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