Saheb Bhattacharya Tollywood actor Saheb Bhattacharya going to act in new Bengali serial soon dgtl


Viewers have seen him as a host on the small screen. But the audience is used to seeing him on the big screen. He is becoming a small screen hero this time. He is Mr. Bhattacharya. Such is the news inside the serial neighborhood. Fans have seen him as host in several reality shows. This time he focused on small screen stories. Who is the heroine? It is heard that viewers will get a new pair through this new serial. The audience will see actress Sushmita Dey opposite Saheb. This year, the web series starring Saheb has also been discussed in the audience. He continues to act not only in movies, but also in serials. This time it’s time to see him in a new way.

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Serial Para has seen many new faces in the last few months. Anusha Viswanathan is acting for the first time on the small screen. After ‘Laxmikakeema Superstar’, Aparajita Adhya started acting again in a new serial. On the other hand, Rohan Bhattacharya is also seen again in the new story. Anubhav Kanjilal is also seen in the serial for the first time. There have been many such changes in the last few months. This time Sahib’s performance on small screen is really going to be a big surprise for the fans.

On the other hand, Sushmita’s new serial has only been completed for a few months. Viewers last saw him in ‘Panchami’ serial. His last two serials did not last long. In that case, how much the audience likes this new story is increasingly evident. When Sushmita was contacted about this, she did not want to talk.

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