Today the drivers are out with long distance buses

Today the drivers are out with long distance buses
Today the drivers are out with long distance buses

On Tuesday (November 7) morning, all the roads of the capital looked normal. The number of people and public transport has increased in the capital. The usual traffic jam is visible. At the same time, long-distance buses are leaving from different bus terminals in the capital. Again coming to the terminal with passengers from outside Dhaka. However, even though everything is normal, passengers have been seen very little.

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A visit to Mahakhali bus terminal in the capital on Tuesday morning showed that buses from Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Netrakona and other destinations were leaving the terminal on time. However, some passengers board the bus from the terminal. Besides, some crowd was seen at the bus counter of Ena Paribahan on Mymensingh-Dhaka route. But that crowd is not like other times.

Meanwhile, it has also been seen that passengers are coming to the bus terminal in CNG-powered autorickshaws, private cars, rickshaws to reach their destination from time to time. But that number is very low. In the last one hour that number will be around 60 to 70 people. Passengers say that no one is doing movement now except in extreme and necessity. Due to the start of election violence, they are all taking precautions on their own.

The driver of Soukhin Express on Dhaka-Mymensingh route told the media that he came from Mymensingh once in the morning. But there are no passengers. Only 5 thousand rupees were earned on the way. Of this, the oil cost is 4 thousand rupees. Now I am going again, but it is not yet possible to tell how the passengers will be. At other times, normal trips would cost 8 to 9 thousand taka.

The driver of Orchid Elegance bus of Dhaka-Madarganj Dhaka route said, today I took the bus after three days. Only two people boarded the bus from the terminal. I don’t know what will be the condition of the whole way. But the attitude does not look good. I went out forced by the urge of the stomach. Because if you sit at home, the owner will not pay.

The driver of Rajeev Enterprises on the Dhaka-Jamalpur route said that he could not drive the bus for two days. So I went out by bus today. The owner forbids buses from running during the blockade. There are risks to the bus, as well as risks to life. It will be early morning to come back from the other side. Keep praying.

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