Simple Chinese—Farewell to Tong Da

Simple Chinese—Farewell to Tong Da
Simple Chinese—Farewell to Tong Da

Friends, today we will teach a new lesson. Titled ‘Farewell to Tong Da’, its Chinese is ‘别董大’. Friends, now I am telling you the meaning of this lesson. This text is a poem written by Cao Xi, a famous minister and frontier poet of the Tang Dynasty of China. He was born and brought up in a poor family. After hard study and effort, Cao Xi entered the government service. But his career was not smooth. He worked in different parts of the country and as a general stayed on the border for a long time. Based on this experience, Cao Xi wrote many poems about the life and scenery of the frontier. Growing up in poverty, he became a politician who cared about people’s lives, writing poetry to highlight the sufferings of the common people and express his political ambitions. The subject matter of Cao Shi’s poetry is varied, the language of poetry is simple and easy. His poems are popular among people.

Today’s lesson is a poem written by Cao Xi for his friend Tong Da. He reunites with her and later has to say goodbye to her. The idea of ​​the poem is almost like this: the sky is covered with dark clouds for miles. A northerly wind blows and the snow begins to fall. Today we are leaving. Do not worry in the future there are no friends, who in the world does not know you? As a farewell poem, the positive and open attitude of life expressed in it has encouraged many people.

Friends, the key words of this lesson are:

电影 rèn shí know/know/understand 你电影我吗? nǐ rèn shíwǒ ma? do you know me I introduce you to each other.他 realized his mistake tā rèn shí dào zì jǐ de cuò wù He realized his mistake

怜给 lián mǐn pity 他心生怜给 wǒ duì tā xīn shēng lián mǐn I feel pity for him 他 他是生生的怜绿 tā bù xū yào bié rén de lián mǐn He doesn’t need others’ pity

谰不……?shéi bù who……no?天下谰是了你?tiān xià shéi bù zhī dào nǐ? Who in the world does not know you?谰不向往美女的电影?shéi bù xiàng wǎng měi hǎo de sheng huó? Who does not yearn for the beautiful life? Who doesn’t hope for peace on earth?

达达 huò dá open mind 达达 心态 huò dá de xīn tài open attitude 他 一乐观达达人tā shì yí gè lè guān huò dá de rén He is a positive and open minded person.

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