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BNP will form a human chain across the country on Sunday -

8 mistakes that many people make in winter!


8 mistakes that many people make in winter!

Exclusive Desk: In winter we almost freeze due to extreme cold. Not only that, along with it comes cold cough, fever, chills and many more.

But during this time, do some work which is very harmful for the body. Now let’s know the mistakes that should not be done in winter:-

Less Water Intake: In winter, water doesn’t cool down as much, so water intake is much less than in summer. But you should drink at least two liters of water to keep your body healthy.

If this is not the case, starting from dehydration, kidney problems, digestive disturbances can occur. So even if you don’t feel thirsty, you should drink water at intervals.

Wearing more clothes: In winter we wear many clothes together to protect ourselves from the cold. As a result, the body may feel cold due to the sweat. So only what is needed should be put on.

Eating and drinking: As food is digested quickly in winter, eating more spicy food has a tendency to gain weight. So keeping an eye on that, it is better to eat and drink according to normal rules.

Oversleeping: A tendency to oversleep is observed during winters. Even after waking up, the feeling of shivering comes and does not want to leave the bed. But this habit is not good at all, it can lead to weight gain so go to sleep and wake up regularly.

Applying extra cream: It is important to apply cream as the skin becomes rough in winter. But applying too much cream can completely clog the pores of the body, which can lead to acne on the face and skin allergies.

Don’t apply sunscreen: Many people think that there is no need to apply sunscreen in winters. But this idea is completely wrong. Because people get darker in winter than other times because the sun is closer.

Drying clothes indoors: Many people dry their clothes indoors during winters. But if the clothes are not exposed to the sun after washing, it can cause infection. Only sunshine can cure all infections.

Taking extra medicine: In winter, the body may feel bad, so instead of relying on medicine, you can follow home remedies. Taking too many medicines can weaken your immune system.

The article is in Bengali

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