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Police killing on orders of BNP central leader: CTTC

Police killing on orders of BNP central leader: CTTC
Police killing on orders of BNP central leader: CTTC

Police constable Amirul Haque Parvez was beaten to death in a clash in Nayapaltan on October 28 over a BNP rally. According to the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC), the killing was carried out on the orders of the central leader of BNP.

The Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) arrested Aman Ullah Aman, the main leader of the murder case, from the area adjacent to Mohakhali bus stand on Monday (November 6) night.

CTTC Chief Additional Police Commissioner said this information in a press conference held at DMP Media Center on Tuesday (November 7) afternoon Asaduzzaman.

According to CTTC, Aman Ullah Aman killed policeman Amirul Haque Parvez under the central direction of BNP. Aman is the joint general secretary of Central Chhatra Dal and former member secretary of Dhaka University Chhatra Dal.

Md. Asaduzzaman said that on November 28, on the instructions of the central leaders of BNP and Chhatra Dal, on the day of the rally, Aman along with his followers took a stand next to the Nayapaltan central stage. The instructions of the BNP and Chhatra Dal central leaders on the stage were to break the morale of the police through brutal and brutal attacks on the police. Creating an unstable environment in the country by killing one or more policemen if necessary, thereby creating a new issue.

The CTTC chief said that the BNP workers present at the rally in Kakrail attacked the police, which led to a clash between the police and the protesters. Taking advantage of the clashes in Kakrail, on the orders of BNP and Chhatra Dal high command leaders, Aman Chhatra Dal, along with a large section of the arrested Aman Chhatra Dal, proceeded to attack the police in the lane next to Victory Hotel near the BNP party office in Nayapaltan. They already knew about the location of the policemen in charge of the rally. He moved forward with his team.

Arriving in front of Paltan Tower, one part of the party proceeded towards the Vijay Nagar water tank at the western end of Box Culvert Road and the other part proceeded towards the former end of Box Culvert Road under his leadership. After the box reached the western end of Calvert Road, Chhatra Dal workers ambushed the policemen on duty there. In the wake of this attack, the policemen at the former end proceeded towards the west side of the box culvert road to assist the policemen on duty at the west end of the box culvert. The attack was launched under the leadership and direction of Aman on the police party advancing towards the west, he said.

CTTC chief Asaduzzaman also said that this section of the Chhatra Dal started throwing bricks and stones at the police under the leadership of Aman. In self-defence, the policemen tried to repel the Chhatra Dal attack by throwing tear shells. Policemen refrain from using weapons and show maximum tolerance to protect life and property and minimize damage.

The Additional Commissioner of Police further said that at this stage, a large number of policemen were stationed at the DR Tower and nearby establishments on the east side of Box Calvert Road. In this situation, Aman’s followers, led by him, continued to throw stones and bricks to attack the policemen. Police constable Amirul Islam Parvez fell down on the road after being hit by a thrown brick. At that time, he continued to hit with sticks with the intention of brutally killing.

He said that Constable Amirul Islam Parvez lost consciousness and the frozen body was lying on the road in bloody condition. Policeman Amirul Islam Parvez suffered serious bloody injuries from head to toe. The protesters continued to brutally beat the frozen body of Constable Parvez to ensure his death. Later, after confirming the death of Constable Amirul Islam Parvez, Aman took his followers along the western side of Box Culvert Road.

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