Srimangal vegetable prices fall, but prices of many products have increased

Srimangal vegetable prices fall, but prices of many products have increased
Srimangal vegetable prices fall, but prices of many products have increased

In Srimangal of Moulvibazar, the prices of vegetables have decreased but the prices of rice and sugar have increased. A week ago, the price of vegetables in the market was very high. However, due to the arrival of early winter vegetables in the market, the price is slightly decreasing.

A visit to Srimangal market on Monday (November 6) showed that the wholesale price of 50 kg rice was Tk 2400 to Tk 2500 a week ago. In a span of seven days, each sack of rice increased by Tk 300-400.

Visit Srimangal market in Sarzamin on Monday, long eggplant is available at Tk 40 per kg, round eggplant at Tk 50, cucumber at Tk 40, bitter gourd at Tk 40, papaya at Tk 20, kankarol at Tk 60, tomato at Tk 60, sweet pumpkin at Tk 30, gourd at Tk 40. Tk. Barab is selling at Tk 40, Patol Tk 45, Eggplant Tk 40, Cauliflower Tk 50, Cabbage Tk 45, Radish Tk 30, Papaya Tk 15 to Tk 29, Beans Tk 60 to Tk 65, Cucumber Tk 30 and Raw Banana Tk 30. Compared to last week, the prices of all vegetables have decreased by Tk 30 to Tk 40 per kg.

Rajendra Pal (Baltu), Proprietor of Aishi Food Store in Srimangal New Market, said that within a week, a bag of coarse rice has increased by Tk. With, Salam special rice which I was selling for Tk 2400-2500 a week ago, now buy it wholesale for Tk 2700, Salm normal, miniket and all rice sacks have increased by Tk 200-300.

Jalal Mia, a buyer who came to the market, said that it would not have been possible to take half of the market’s demand with what we earned in the last one month. Now I got some relief with the reduction in the price of vegetables. After visiting the vegetable market in the afternoon, it can be seen that the price of various vegetables has reduced by half within a week.

Another buyer, Shahjahan Mia, said that the price of vegetables is decreasing, but I think the price of all vegetables should come below 30 rupees. Then there will be benefits for the lower and middle class.

Khaled Hossain, a wholesaler of raw materials in the old market of the city, said that he sold red cabbage at Tk 12 per kg, Laushak at Tk 25, gourd at Tk 35 to Tk 40 per piece, shrimp at Tk 40 per kg.

The owner of Mesarm Comilla Trade Center on Central Road. Billal Hossain Talukder said that the price of potatoes has decreased a lot. In the last one week, the wholesale price of potatoes in Munshiganj was Tk 42-50 per kg, while the retail price was Tk 50-60. Today I am selling this potato at 30 taka, and I am selling Rajshahi potato at 32 taka per kg. A week ago wholesale was Tk 45-55, and retail Tk 65-70.

However, although the prices of soybean oil and flour are at their previous prices, the price of sugar has increased, said Jasim Uddin, the owner of Jasim Store in New Market. He said that the bag of sugar has increased by 200 taka. Earlier I used to buy sugar for 6400 taka, now I buy wholesale for 6600 taka. Meanwhile, some relief has returned among the buyers as the price of vegetables has gone down.

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